your first ebookYour first eBook can take years of progress before it is completed. In fact, more often than not you will have to spend more time convincing yourself to work on the eBook than actually writing it. It will be a languorous process writing your first eBook. To help you a bit on the eBook, one rule of thumb is to refrain from over thinking. If you spend too much time wondering what the next sentence will be, you’ll have a much harder time. While you’re actually writing your first eBook, there are a few things that can help you reach the last page.

Your first eBook should have a clear market

Choose which people you are writing for from the get go. If you start by deciding who your market is, it would be easier for you to focus your discussions for them. Take down different traits of your market to find out how to entice them while they’re reading your first eBook. These factors can be anything from the gender of your target audience to their level of education. Make sure that what you’re writing about will be beneficial to the people who will possibly read the book.

Where to write your eBook

The most common program used in writing is Microsoft Word. This program is user friendly and can help you manage a lot of pages at a time. It puts into consideration any and all possible edits you might want to make on your first eBook. Even more helpful are the programmed features of MS Word. It has a spell check feature that can help you find any errors while you are writing to minimize the need for heavy editing. Try to stick to simple, readable fonts that will not give your market a hard time. Using too many fonts or fonts that are too hard to read can frustrate your audience rather than attract them.

Pick a well thought out title

Your first eBook will have higher chances of being downloaded by readers if you have a great title. These titles will attract readers and entice them to choose it among other choices. If you are able to choose and employ a great title, your first eBook will make people curious about your book and whatever it is you may have written. It should also give a good glance of your main topic.

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