writing stylesWriting styles are usually the defining factor of writers. Different writers have different styles of writing. Some say that real writers are born and not made. That is a saying that most writers of today can debunk. There are people who are born with the drive to write, but real writers are made. Nowadays, being a real writer means you have published work. However, there are many real writers in this world that are too good to let that define them. There are people who believe that you need to be a real writer first before you get published, while others believe on the contrary. What really makes real writers? How do writing styles define real writers? What are the essential tools to have their own styles?

Real Writers’ Writing Styles and Essentials

1.      To grow as a writer, there should be a unique writing process.

If you want to write well and effectively, you should develop a writing process. Inefficient writing processes can hinder the authors’ writings but writing processes that will fit the authors’ writing styles can make writing stronger and easier. No two writers can have the exact same writing process. There may be similarities but not exactly alike. If you do not have a writing process that is unique to your styles, then you are not yet a real writer.

2.      Writing styles will affect the development of the writing process.

Learning about your strengths and weaknesses as a writer will do wonder for your process. The more you know about your writing styles will better equip you to take advantage of where you are strong and to improve where you are weak. If you know the areas you are lacking, find time to work on them.

3.      Criticisms make real writers.

Whatever writing styles you have, even if you are the best, you are not free from criticism. How you handle them will make or break your career. It is important for writers to have the skills needed in being their own critic ad to edit their own work. Sometimes, writers think that other people do not get their writing styles. But if you want to be a real writer, you should embrace the comments of other people. There are a lot of real writers who have a support group to assist them in editing their work. If you want to be successful, you will take your audience’s voice and incorporate them to your writing styles.

4.      Writing styles stem from reading others’ work.

This does not mean that you just read what you want. You should also be open to publications that are not within your genre. You might not know where your next inspiring idea will come from. Developing writing styles doesn’t happen overnight. You have to read and draw inspiration from others in order to find your voice or styles. Reading gives you inspiration and ideas about language use and vocabulary. Real writers read a lot.

5.      More than writing styles, real writers become successful because of strong work ethic.

You might not find your niche yet, but you will go far if you value your profession ad you do your best to succeed. You don’t finish writing a novel today and expect it to get published next month. Real writers practice or develop their writing styles on a regular basis. Some write daily for a few hours while others spend a lot of hours developing their styles. No matter how long you spend in honing your craft, you should do it regularly. It is important to exercise your writing muscles on a regular basis.

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