writing skillsWriting skills — is writing something acquired or is it innate?

There are many types of writers. There are those who are very creative, like those who are into writing music and demand complete silence. There are those who can work best when music is playing along. There are writers who need to create an outline before making their craft while there are those who can write continuously and without the need for an outline. Whatever style of material you write, no matter what method you use to finish your write-up, the ultimate question when it comes to writing is this: is writing a skill, gift, or craft?

Writing Skills: Writing can be learned

Teachers would argue that writing skills could be learned. Young and old people, even those who think that they could not write, when provided with the basic tips and tools to become good writers, are surprised to find out that they can create something worth reading. Writing skills could be acquired. Writers could be made if students, for instance, are given the proper training to become skilled at writing. Even skilled writers become proficient with what they do through practice and determination. Teachers often see this in the classroom, and they have seen enough to know that writing skills can be taught and learned.

Writing Skills: Writing is a craft

When you ask a writer, reader, or editor this ultimate question, their answer would be that writing is a craft. Craft is defined as “to make or produce with care, skill, or ingenuity.” If a person possesses writing skills, he or she is able to convey information and capture the reader’s interest. However, to be really a good writer, he should also be able to create a story, poem, or essay that touches the reader’s emotions. It is not enough that the writer piques the reader’s interest; his or her writing should also move the reader’s soul. This means writing skills are not enough to make one a writer for to be a real craftsman, writing is not simply about delivery; it should also be about the emotions.

Writing Skills: Writing is a gift

If you’re both a writer and a reader, surely you would consider that your writing skills are a gift. There are writers that are simply good with words; they can write words that flow smoothly; they can create a meaningful and heartwarming sentence that an ordinary writer would not be able to think of. They possess a special ability to shape words into images—words that speak to the readers’ souls in a way that others cannot.

Are writers born or made? Many say that gifted writers are born, but still, others refuse to believe this. There are a lot more people who believe that writing skills can be learned, or simply that writers are made. They are made in the child’s bedroom, when Mother reads bedtime stories; they are made under the blanket when a kid decides to finish “Harry Potter” despite Mother’s warning that the lights should be out or else… They are made when a child filled her first notebook; when she submits her first poem to the teacher; when she received an “F” in her story writing class; or when she browses her iPad in the middle of the night.

While there are people who are supremely talented when it comes to words, it does not mean that these people are going be Nobel Prize winners in the future. Writing skills can be developed and improved through years of practice and encouragement from the people around. It requires love for reading, for it is in reading that one can see how great writers are able to sell their books.

So, if asked whether writing is a skill, perhaps the best answer is this: it is all three—skill, craft, and gift. Writing skills can be learned. They are a craft. They are a gift.

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