writing obituariesWriting obituaries may seem to be the worst task anyone can ever be given. The feeling of joy would probably be the last emotion a person would feel while writing one. This has been my view on the matter until I had the chance to assist two of my dearest friends in writing for their departed loved ones.

Writing obituaries should be done with joy and gratitude

For me, the task of writing obituaries gives nothing but a feeling of dread. Your mind will be filled with negative thoughts of how you will no longer be able to see your loved one all the time. You will no longer be able to share and create memories together. I was completely convinced that writing obituaries can never have any positive effect on you. You can just imagine my surprise when I sat down in a coffee shop with my two friends, when they acted in such a way that was the complete opposite of what I was expecting while they were writing obituaries.

What I thought would be a sad session turned out to be three hours full of laughter. I was preparing myself to hand over Kleenex tissues just in case a tear falls while they were writing but found myself only laughing with them. It turned out that my two friends looked at the task in a positive light. They were honored to have the opportunity in writing obituaries for their loved ones. They have so much joy and gratitude in their hearts that they proceeded to writing without any hesitation or sign of remorse.

Appreciating the beauty of writing obituaries

My two friends felt that writing for their loved ones is a privilege that anyone should be thankful to have. They get the chance to recall the long years of memorable experiences that they shared with the person that they valued. Their feeling of grief was overpowered by the happiness that they feel in remembering their loved ones. I went to the coffee shop expecting to help them, but I realized that it was actually me who needed help. I needed to understand that writing obituaries is in fact one of the best means to honor my loved ones. The process of finding peace and healing due to the loss of a very important loved one does not need to be painful. In fact, you can feel so much happiness while undergoing the process.

So today, as I sit down to start writing obituaries for a family member who passed away, I can honestly say that the feeling of dread no longer exists. I am reminded of their good qualities and how they made me change for the better. It may sound weird but I would gladly volunteer should they need a person to be writing obituaries the next time around.

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