jokes and riddlesJokes and riddles, the effective and funny ones, can easily brighten up someone’s day. For sure we have all been at the receiving end, and we truly enjoy them. Hearing these out are like mind exercises that energizes one’s brain, but have you tried being the one giving jokes and riddles? If listening exercises the mind, imagine the mental workout if you are the one creating them. Giving away necessitates logic and critical thinking skills. But how does one do it? Is everyone capable of writing and delivering these jokes and riddles?

Riddles and jokes are hard to come to mind. Actually if you watch comedians in performing their spiels, it makes me think that they are actually using a pattern or algorithm, even though unintentionally at times. It is also what you can do to come up with ones easily, but at a more conscious effort, training and exercising your brain at the same time.

Algorithms of jokes and riddles

An example begins with a topic or a word, and then you fit it to different patterns of jokes and riddles. For instance, let’s start with a “chair”.

First, you have to think of various kinds of chairs or stools and note them all down. If you have some time to research, why not. And then from that, you think of the different kinds of jokes, namely, “differences”, “misdirection”, “similarities”, and “pun”. While thinking of this, I just realized the kind of chair that would have had the best potential for high humor would be an electric chair. Now let’s see how we can convert that simple, serious chair into the different kinds of jokes.

Different types jokes and riddles exemplified

1) Difference: What makes a chair different from a toilet? If you do not know the different, then I’m sorry, but please do not come over to my house anymore!

2) Misdirection: Why did Charles not like the chair present he received during his thirtieth birthday? Because what they gave him was an electric chair!

3) Similarity: What makes my dog and a chair similar? They both have four legs, and a zero IQ.

4) Pun intended: Why did the customer at the complaints department of the supermarket start fixing the seats after waiting for more than 3 hours? Because she was the “chairman of the bored”.

Writing your own jokes and riddles is definitely no piece of cake, but it is great workout for your brains. Good thing there are patterns and algorithms like these to help you out with the crafting. Now it’s your turn!

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