writing groupsWriting groups surely help in one’s writing career. So, you have finally decided to write about a heroine and the hero of her dreams. There’s one tiny problem though, how to begin. Joining groups is one way to kick off the novel you are planning. It is easy to find writing groups online or offline. Wherever you may look, be it in your town, across the state or across the globe, you can always find groups with whom you can jive with.

I am sure of this because I enjoy having my own group. I actually created one and still joined other writing groups. As a matter of fact, my second novel would probably remain unfinished if it were not for my groups. My groups helped me rewrite and polish rough drafts. They can do the same to you. Groups make it easier to bring the heroine and the hero together. Truly, without writing groups, I will still be running insane trying to put an end to my second book.

It is not only my second book which benefit from these groups. When I began writing, I was sort of uncertain in joining a group but I jumped in the bandwagon anyway. Luckily, I was able to finish my first book with the help of my writing group. Because of this, I joined other writing groups and began creating my own. Indeed, without a supportive writing group, I will not be able to meet the right people until my manuscript reaches the publisher.

What You Need To Consider To Find Writing Groups

These groups undeniably helped my career as a writer. They can do the same to yours. The next question, then, is: how to find the right writing group for you. There are three things you need to consider in searching for writing groups.

First, confirm the nature of the group. All these groups offer the most honest critiques and helpful feedback but you have to make sure that you can get along with them. Always remember that whatever criticism they may have on your work are constructive criticisms.

Second, determine the assistance they offer to the members. Most writing groups offer a 2:1 ratio. This means that for every 2 critiques you do, you can contribute a chapter to assist with. Also, confirm how many critiques you need to do in order to remain an active member of the group.

Third, know whether the members of writing groups are active. Is there an active moderator? Is the owner active? How many members are there in a group? If a writing group encourages chats among members, there is a greater possibility that such group is active. Active writing groups not only make sure that things are done but also maintain a healthy discussion of ideas.

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