call center scriptCall center script is important to every business that employs some kind of call center, which is important for great customer service. A script, or any script for that matter, is important so that the speaker can deliver the right words at the right time, and hopefully the audience will listen intently.

Whenever I write my script for speaking engagements, I don’t just write what I will say. I use helpful markings, like where I should pause, which words or clauses I should emphasize. If saying one sentence makes me lose my breath that means the sentence is too long. I would not want the audience to miss out especially on the last parts of the sentence just because of its length. I make sure that the words I use are audience-friendly, meaning they are familiar with them, or if not, I should explain them properly. That same kind of mentality should follow when writing a call center script.

Importance of a call center script

Call center operators are hired by a business to be their representatives on the phone to deal with their customers. They project the image of the business even in just the first few seconds of the call. Aside from the usual, “ABC Company, how may I help you?” the customers’ needs have evolved, and in order for the call transaction to be more organized, a call center script is needed. A logical script is often based on the question answer format. Here are some basic script writing techniques to help you.

Tips in writing a call center call center script

1) Tongue twisters are a no-no.

Audibility and clarity are important in a phone call. So make sure your call center script only contains easy to pronounce words. If ever hard to pronounce words or names are needed, make sure your call center representatives have been taught of the correct way on how to pronounce them. Make the sentences short and repetitive consonant sounds should be avoided so that the person on the other end of the line would understand the words perfectly.

2) International is the way to go.

We live in a modern world where borders are slowly being invisible thanks to the power of technology. That means you may have callers and inquirers from all over the parts of the world. You might want to level up from the usual “Good morning” or “Good evening” to cater to those outside your time zone.

3) Humanize your greeting.

Ask a friend or a loyal customer to listen to your greeting and ask him what he thinks. Is it too long? Does it sound like an answering machine? Does it sound human enough? Of course your customer at the other end of the phone line is expecting to talk to a real person and he would be turned off if the opening greeting sounds like that of a machine. Make sure your call center script is as human as possible. Mark the right breaks and breathing spaces.

4) Practice ‘less is more’.

Any customer would not want to be left hanging or waiting. The script should not be too long, and it should not include the FAQs or all other information that they can find on your company site instead. The call center agent should also not keep the customer at the other end of the line waiting too long because he still has to look for the answers in the database. Long pauses and long waiting times would just make the customer want to hang up. This kind of customer service is a skill and can actually be built and honed via training. If you do have the budget, you should invest on call center trainings.

5) Make test calls.

Make a call to your line anonymously to check if the call center agents are delivering the call center scripts properly and effectively. Do it regularly like every week to see if there are improvements or changes. Usually the agents become lax after some time, and the script becomes shorter than the usual, or sometimes they would just improvise. Remember the quality of your call center script and the way your call center agents answer queries are critical to your business, so you must check its order regularly.

6) Revise and revise if needed.

The beauty of it is that they are not cast in stone, and you can tweak them from time to time. In fact, it is a must that you revise according to recent events, according to comments, previous actions, and all other critical information gathered. Check if the call center scripts actually lead to more sales, or to disputes or agreements. Check the statistics on a monthly basis, and see if the scripts would need revisions.

Follow these tips for a successful script that would hopefully lead to more profits for your business!

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