write book and earnWrite book and earn. This is what every writers, either neophytes or veteran in the business, wants to achieve. However, most neophyte writers have crooked mindset that to writing and earning is just a walk in the park and success can be attained in an instant. Thus, most take writing as hobby and put it as last in their priority list. However, most writers do not understand is that to write book and earn is a tedious task that requires time, effort, and passion.

Having been in the literary business for many years now as a media coach and marketer, I have identified two things that differentiate successful writers that write book and earn a lot from those who do not. For successful writers, they treat writing as part of their business hence they put time and effort in writing concise and above average works. Writers who write and earn recognize that the quality of the book and literary output they produce is the key towards success. Hence, they grab every opportunity to better their work from the creation until the promotion of their book.

Furthermore, they took time in knowing and understanding their target market. This way they could angle their story that will surely capture their target market. They are deliberately creative. What this mean is they consciously write with their target market in mind without having to sacrifice their creative license. A writer who write book and earn knows that it is not enough to write a Nobel Peace Prize worthy book but it should also connect with his target market.

The above qualities of the writers who write and earn are also seconded by David Hale Smith of DHS Literary, representative to the best-selling author Cheryl Richardson, when he said that wants to see his authors as financially capable people that recognize their book as their way to success.

Aside from the above identified qualities, the following qualities are being possessed by writers who write and earn.

Write book and earn using your senses

Successful writer who write book and earn do not only use the power of their imagination and the quickness of their fingers in writing a book; they use most of their senses.

1. Proactive

Successful writers know that they need not only be good in writing but in reading signals as well. What I mean by this is that a writer who want to write book and earn need to be proactive in such a way that they need to foresee every action they need to do in connection with their book.

For example, during the promotion of the book, writers must be ready in accepting every offer for an interview or every opportunity for promotion. They must have a mental note of the things that might be asked of him and also have prepared answers for all those questions. As such, it can be claimed that preparation is what differentiate authors who write book and earn a lot from others authors.

2. Public Speaker

Writers who want to write and earn cannot only rely on their imagination, good command of the language, and powerful lines; they need to learn how to do public speaking. And it is not just public speaking per se but an entertaining one.

3. A follower

Though the writer is the captain of his book, he must recognize that he has no control in all the aspect of his book especially during promotion. A successful writer who write book and earn knows how to follow instructions from people within his circle. He also knows how to listen to suggestions that would make his book better.

Meanwhile, writers who want to write and earn must know the following elements that is vital during the promotion of their book:

4. Platform

This pertains to the medium or communication channels that can be used in promoting the book. This can either be public speaking engagements, print publication, radio advertisements, etc.

5. Endorsements

Endorsements from popular people in the literary business is a plus when doing promotion. Successful writers who write book and earn often utilize this to strengthen the quality of their book.

6. Publicity plan

A solid marketing plan is important for writers.

7. Sample chapter

A sample chapter is essential in capturing the attention of the publishers and potential buyers. Hence, writers who want to write book and earn must have the best sample chapter.

8. Target audience

Aside from having the above elements, it is pertinent in the success of writers to know their audience and established their presence upon them. After all, connection with the intended audience will determine if the book will be a best-seller or not.

The following are the surefire ways that authors can follow in order to be successful and become one of the authors who write book and earn.

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