work at home momsWork at home moms is now a popular thing. Moms are now embracing the career of being successful businesswomen and being wonderful homemakers at the same time. Gone are the days of picking one over the other. Now, you can find time to work on your business without depriving your children of the love and attention they need.

How can work at home moms be successful in business?

  1. Work at home moms should set and share business rules with your children.

When it’s time to work, there shouldn’t be distractions. These moms should let their children know that they are operating a home-based business. You children should be aware that since you have a home-based business, they should act appropriately when you entertain clients at home. They should also know how to answer the telephone or the door in a professional manner. Work at home moms should also tell their children that their home office is a “No Play Zone”. It is important that you have a clear understanding about your business with your family. These advance agreements will prevent arguments.

  1. Work at home moms can involve their kids in running the home-based business.

Whatever business you do, there’s always an opportunity to involve your kids. These moms can view this as a chance to bond or to teach their kids about handling money at an early change. You can have your kids count the change, cut some paper or help with loading and unloading inventory. Making your kids work for the business shouldn’t be free, you should pay your kids for the work they put in. This will teach them the value of labor and at the same time, this can be a business tax deduction.

  1. Work at home moms can be creative in combining the business and taking care of the kids.

If you have to see a client outside and no one will take care of the kids at home, you can be creative in doing both. Why not meet your client in a restaurant with a kids’ zone? Your kids can play within your sight while you are doing business with your client. In places without play areas, you can have them seated next to you while keeping them busy with coloring books.

Dealing with Kids in Different Age Groups

Dealing with your children in different age groups while running a home-based business can be difficult.  There are work at home moms who find different challenges in dealing with different age groups. If you are one of them, the following tips are for you.

  • Teens and Older Children

The moms will find this age group the least stressful. Teens and older children are old enough to understand the idea of home-based businesses. Be sure to explain why you have to work at home and why you need their help in order to succeed. Work at home moms can depend to the older ones to help with chores while you are working. Let them know about your work schedule so you don’t get distracted during that time but it is okay to interrupt during emergency situations.

  • Toddlers

Work at home moms should develop a routine when dealing with toddlers. Meal times, play times, and nap times should be adhered to so you won’t have problems in fitting them into your work schedule. Toddlers will always distract work at home moms, but if you don’t have urgent tasks to do make them sit on your lap while working. This will make them feel good and wanted. However, make sure that you let them know when they can work with you and when it’s not possible.

  • Infants

Work at home moms should fit their work schedules with the needs of their baby. Infants will never understand your work so do not expect them to work around your schedule. Babies have simple routines. They eat, sleep, poop, and sometimes play. They sleep more than doing anything else. Babies do well under a routine so work at home moms will know when to work and when to take care of them.

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