outsourcing health and safetyOutsourcing health and safety risk management is likely considered by companies according to a research. This research is based on surveys conducted by small and mid-sized company owners and managers. It was found in this research that even though only a minority of the companies do outsourcing health and safety risk management, many are now considering this move along with the outsourcing of other key corporate functions. Outsourcing is currently at the top of these companies’ list. The research also shows that only one out of ten business owners and managers are willing to outsource the accounting function management but 50% of them are willing or are already currently outsourcing the management of health and safety.

Reasons for Outsourcing Health and Safety

There are varied reasons why business owners and managers are willing to outsource. The following are the main reasons in outsourcing health and safety management, according to the respondents:

  • It is time saving
  • It shows cost effectiveness
  • It gives managers time to focus and do core business

Outsourcing them is considered by managers and business owners as a way to manage the very real risk of noncompliance. There may be some rules which need to be followed, of which managers and business owners are not aware. They may not have the time nor the proper resources to follow certain regulations.

Maintaining Health and Safety Programs by Outsourcing Health and Safety Management

Outsourcing health and safety management can really help a lot to companies in various ways. Many companies find complying with the health and safety regulations as an increasing burden. They also face an increase in the liability insurance rates and penalties of the employer. To be able to have insurance reduction, a company must comply with the rules and regulations relevant to the business. In case of accidents, costs can go up to tens of thousands of dollars when a business does not have a proper health and safety program.

Businesses differ from one another and so health and safety program in each of these companies should be modified too. Basically, companies should be able to develop and update a health and safety program, and maintain compliance by establishing effective safety management system. With outsourcing health and safety management, such tedious task can be easily accomplished.

It will help implement an effective health and safety program. A health and safety program is concerned to prevent injury and sickness at work through pro-active strategies which can include risk management, hazard assessment and other pro-active controls and procedures. Behavioral change will help implement health and safety procedures. However, there is also a possibility for these programs to become weak and ineffective for the following reasons:

  • There are no written processes nor definition of safety practices.
  • There is a lack of teamwork and description of the roles of each person in the safety policies.
  • There isn’t any effective goal.
  • Improper incentives because health and safety should be enjoyable and worth the effort of the employees. You may include movie tickets or a simple free coffee.

There is truly a lot to deal with when it comes to Safety and Health Management. Outsourcing health and safety management will surely help in meeting the safety and health program goals. Through outsourcing, you will be assured that monthly maintenance is accomplished with only little effort given.

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