strong business relationshipStrong business relationship is the building blocks of a profitable business. And since profits mean a lot to a business, a strong relationship is very much significant. The stronger the business relationship is, then profits are more likely to come in, as well as referrals to other customers.

A strong business relationship cannot be built in a single day. Any relationship for that matter, takes time to establish. When it comes to your customers, you have to start building a strong relationship every chance you can get. That may mean every single day that you get to interact with them. Here are some of the ways you can start to establish a strong relationship.

Steps in establishing a strong business relationship

#1 With building a strong business relationship, you can start with asking their name, and remembering it. So the next time they come in, you can already address them on a first-name basis. And then ask how they are feeling today, what they need, who is it for, and how you can help. This is to make them feel you are not just physically present, but that you are actually there to help them, to service them. This is to show that you do not see them as dollar signs whenever they enter your store, but rather that you are human beings that you are actually concerned about.

#2 You should be making sure they know that you appreciate them as customers if you would like to maintain a strong business relationship. Do some small talk. Small talk will help ease them out and be comfortable enough to strike more conversations with you. And then the next time you have a chance to converse with them, you’ll know what or who to talk about.

#3 Do you have an existing Rolodex, or any way to keep and categorize your existing customer database? This should include, apart from their contact details, their birthdays, anniversaries, and possibly even their children’s birthdays, graduations, and other notable special events. And when those events come up, don’t forget to give them a ring or a simple greeting card. Remembering them always on their special days would show how much you care and help maintain a strong business relationship.

Reasons why you should establish a strong business relationship

There are various reasons why you should establish a strong relationship with your customers, but you should remember these two the most.

#1 Establishing it is important because customers want and demand customer service that is high quality. If they feel great with the way you service them, they will not turn to competition. And as competition is tough, they will try to definitely snatch your customers away. But if you already have a strong business relationship, they will remain loyal to you.

#2 Another strong reason for establishing a strong relationship with your customers is the simple fact that good deeds spread around. If your customers like the way they service you, they will tell their friends, and their friends will tell their friends, and you will have more and more customers knocking on your door. Start building a strong relationship with a few with the hope that it will grow to more strong business relationships with more customers.

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