humor in advertisingHumor in advertising could make or break your business reputation. It is not something you can just use to attract people’s attention. Humor in ads should be used in the proper context. Otherwise, it may do more harm than good to your business.

Thus, it is best to know when to use humor in advertising and when not to.

Why Humor in Advertising is Important

Before turning to the topic of when it’s best to use humor, you must know its importance.

Humor in ads helps businesses to reach out to people. It gives the readers the break they need when overwhelmed with information. It makes viewers appreciate visual ads more. Marketers resort to humor in advertising in order to connect to potential buyers. Of all people, marketers know how hard it is to command someone’s attention. Studies show that people are generally inclined to spare time on hilarious things. Thus, many marketers use humor in advertising to fish for the attention of the consumers.

Imagine walking by to find out a funny advertisement. You may stop for a while and laugh at the hilarity of it. Now imagine walking by to find out an informative advertisement. It may or may not concern you. If you think you can not relate to the ad, that’s the doom of a marketing campaign. You will not probably even throw a glance on such an ad. This is how powerful humor in advertising can be. It is powerful enough to stop a passer-by on his tracks. Thus, when its full potential as a marketing tool is tapped, you can never imagine the impact it can have on your sales.

Why Humor in Advertising has its place

However, you may not count on humor in advertising at all times.

You have probably seen ads that are desperately calling for your attention that they tend to look crappy. From overly dressed comedians to people wearing animal costumes to actual animals doing human-like things, you all see them every day. The problem is, silly antics may not work out just for any business.

If you want to use humor in advertising, you better assess the nature of your business. Do you offer professional services? Do you sell luxury items? After answering these questions, ask another round of questions.

Ask whether humor can do wonders to your marketing campaign. Will humor in advertising change people’s impression of your business from being uncool to cool? Or in the opposite…will humor in ads give people the impression that you are not serious in doing business? Will it improve your sales or just ruin it?

How not to use humor in advertising indiscriminately

Not knowing when to use humor in advertising can spell disaster for your business. It will be best for you to be extra cautious in using humor. For instance, if you are advertising about a very serious matter, injecting humor in ads may not be a good idea.

Aside from that, you should take into account your competitors’ products. Make sure the humor in your advertising will make your targets identify your product. Imagine coming up with a great, funny advertisement just to hand over our clients to your rivals. This can happen if your product is mistaken for another. So make sure that you do not only introduce humor in advertising. You have to highlight what your product is. Emphasizing your product and its strengths is, after all, one of your top considerations in advertising.

These are just some of the things you need to consider when advertising using humor. Take note of them so you will not haphazardly use it to your detriment.

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