team building activitiesTeam building activities are more of a need than just a want for companies these days. It is because the need for teamwork has been more pressing than ever. Who would not want to work with a company with individualistic and selfish members that do not cooperate with each other? Time and again it has been said and proven that teamwork is one of the main key factors for success. Work would be much easier, and not to mention much more fun if people would work as a team rather than as an individual. And in order to have proper teamwork, team building activities would help bring the members together.

With the much growing importance of team building, there have been more and more activities that have been developed throughout the years. Caution must be taken though that not all activities are supposed to work. Here are some of the ways, according to human resource experts, on how you can properly evaluate which these activities are accurate and which are not.

5 Important criteria for judging team building activities

1)     Team building activities must be related with actual work objectives of the team.

It should not just be a day to hang out and get to know the members of the team. If you want them to be more hardworking, then you should already incorporate the goals of your team’s actual work into it. That way you’re working together during the activities will actually be almost like working together in the real world.

2)     Team building activities must be tied to the company or corporation’s general objectives.

The result of these activities in the end should contribute to the general welfare of the company. That means you should keep in mind the goals of the company specifically for that year. That is why these activities are meant to be held annually or even semi-annually.

3)     Team building activities are meant to be planned by teamwork.

If the activities will be planned by just one person, the outcome might not be appreciated by all. Better if the activities or the event will be planned by a team. After all, the goal is to push for teamwork.

4)     Team building activities should not end on the day of the team building itself.

The true test if the team building worked is when it is applied to real work situations. So team building actually should not end when the day of the event ends, rather a continuous process. Teamwork should be worked on as the team goes back to real work.

5)     Teamwork should be rewarded.

Teamwork is reinforced more when the teamwork is rewarded and the team members feel that their contributions are valued and worth it. There should be avenues where in best performing teams in the corporation should be given awards or recognition, or even mentioned in the company newsletter. That way, all the other teams will be motivated to do the same.

If planning team building activities might seem too taxing, do not worry since there are professional experts who can conduct these for you. Just keep in mind these criteria when you evaluate their plans for your activities.

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