pixel advertisingPixel advertising is a mode of advertising that is slowly gaining recognition in the world of advertising. Basically, the idea behind it is that companies wanting to advertise, buy pixels from a webpage. Whenever users click on the pixel images on that webpage, they will be directed to a company’s website. The pixels form square or rectangular blocks usually bearing a company’s logo. Picture this out. There’s a web page that hosts pixel blocks that form a mosaic-like image containing a link back to the websites of whoever bought the pixel spaces. The pixel buyers will then benefit from the amount of traffic driven to their site by the link.

At present, advertisers resort to the conventional banner ads, pay per click ads and pop-up ads in the hopes of getting users visit certain websites. However, little by little, advertisers are beginning to shift their attention to the beauty of pixel advertising. Those who are into the this business even claim that this novel form of advertising is the next big thing in the advertising industry. They claim that it has far more advantages than textual or graphic advertising.

Benefits of Pixel Advertising

  1. Pixel Advertising reduces marketing costs.

Many companies are bleeding their pockets dry for paying lots of money over pay per click ads. To illustrate, using pay per click advertising, you have to pay 10 cents for 10 clicks a day. Make it one year and it translates to a whopping $365! In a matter of five years, it means you having to pay $1800! However, this computation is still conservative. The truth is, pay per click ads cost more than 10 cents each, making the estimated cost even way bigger. In fact, some companies claim that they spend even beyond $50 per click.  In pixel advertising, 10 by 10 pixel blocks can be bought for as low as 25 cents up to one dollar. Majority of websites sell in this format size since this is practically the smallest space you can use.

  1. It gives way for a longer use of advertising space

In pixel advertising, the pixel ads you bought can be displayed for a long period of time. Nowadays, many pixel ad sites are offering their pixel spaces for five to as long as ten years! This leads you back to the top reason why pixel advertising is becoming popular – it reduces marketing expenses.

Pixel Advertising is yet to prove its real value

Still, all things considered, it is yet to prove its true worth. It’s still on its baby stages so it’s too early to say that it will take the advertising industry by storm. However, looking at the money figures involved, it is quite obvious that pixel advertising comes as the more economical alternative to traditional forms of advertising.

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