career options in lawCareer options in law are what you should start reading on if you are interested in becoming a lawyer. Much more people are considering careers in law these days because lawyers are very much important to businesses. And as competition among businesses is becoming tougher and tougher, the more the need for lawyers become more significant.

Lawyers are important in business because they help companies in terms of legal issues they face, and help in letting people understand better the laws and regulations especially related to the industry the company is in.

Before you can consider career options in law, you must become a certified lawyer first. To do this, you have to undergo four years of a pre-law college degree, and then law school for three years. After graduating from law, you will need to pass the bar examinations so you can get a license and practice law. After which you can now consider the different careers in law.

Career options in law you can consider

Career options in law # 1: Private practice

You can put up your own law firm or join a large firm that employs a large number or lawyers. In this kind of practice, you can either be a corporate lawyer or a trail attorney who takes care of the memorandum, legal documents, contracts, wills and all other daily life legal requirements. Issues from clients that you will handle would be marriage issues, divorce, adoption, mergers and acquisitions, putting up charitable organizations and the like. In private practice, you can either specialize in a field or you can be all over various fields.

Career options in law # 2: Corporate law

You can join the corporate world and be the official attorney of a business’ legal department. Your job would entail fixing all the legal issues faced by a corporation, alongside the creation of balance sheets and other legal documents.

Career options in law # 3: Work in the government

Another option that you have is to be a government attorney, whether local or national. Your job would entail making policies and ordinances, attending hearings of regulatory agencies and the like. A lot of attorneys choose this path of working in the government.

Career options in law # 4: Public attorney

You also have the option to be a lawyer that champions in defending consumer rights and public interest. Usually, public attorneys provide services for a minimal fee, if not totally free.

Career options in law # 5: Judiciary

You can also be part of the judiciary and be a state, municipal, federal or a judge. Your job would entail officiating proceedings at civil court. Many lawyers dream of becoming a judge or justice someday.

Career options in law # 6: Academe

You can also be a teacher of law. There are various topics to choose from, like business law, law enforcement, real estate, and the more relevant for these days would be cyber law. You can also be an administrator, a legal editor, or a law librarian in the world of the academe.

Career options in law # 7: Military

You also have the option to work for the military. Your job would entail being a specialist in security aspects, and in international laws.

Once you get that coveted lawyer

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