welcome new employeesWelcome new employees the ideal way and you are sure to gain the love and respect of your people. Taking care of especially the first weeks of your new employee can make or break an employer, boss or manager’s success. Giving the correct employee orientation affects his efficiency and productivity in his new job, and at the same time, giving you his employer the chance to make this new employee an effective team player.

Discussed here are 15 techniques for you to follow as you welcome new employees to your business and lead them to a great start.

15 Steps on How to Welcome New Employees

1. An induction policy should be a solid ground for welcoming new employees. Make sure the human resources part of the induction is done by someone from human resources, and the rest to be covered by his direct superior or manager.

2. A warm welcome for your new employees is needed. Just showing them where they will be seated is not warm welcome. Welcome new employees with the warmth humans need.

3. Provide short details on your role as the direct supervisor. Being aware of who the authority is and your expectations will help them feel more at ease with you.

4. As you welcome new employees, give them a proper tour of the department, and if possible, the whole of the work site. Ensure that they know of key areas like the restroom, emergency exits, and cafeteria, among others.

5. Provide them with a short summary on the company its history, mission-vision and goals.

6. If you can, as you welcome new employees, give a demo of the company’s goods and services, concentrating more on the products related to the division the new employees are part of. In turn, they will feel more confident and secure that they know what they are doing.

7. Make sure to provide a good explanation of the processes of the company especially the unique ones. Helping them become more familiar with the company is part of how you should ideally welcome new employees.

8. As you welcome new workers, do not forget to give them a background on what your competitors are doing, and what are being done to stay on top of competition.

9. When you welcome employees, provide a detailed explanation of their roles and responsibilities and job details. Do not delegate this task to just other employees, unless there is really a dedicated employee for this role.

10. Make sure these new employees know your and the company’s expectations. This also covers work ethics, teamwork, productivity, even appearance.

11. In your induction session as you welcome new employees, do not forget to include working hours, salary, salary periods, holiday wage, sick leaves, pension, medical benefits, and tardiness among many others.

12. Make sure you are very clear when it comes to safety precautions, company policies, company procedures, and regulations. Do demonstrate the right use of safety tools as well.

13. Part of the welcome new employees’ orientation should be the introduction to other co-workers as well, together with details on their jobs and roles.

14. Do present to them a general outlook on promotions policies and other opportunities.

15. To help them adapt, provide them with a work buddy, an amiable co-worker, to demonstrate what the job really entails for the first to second weeks.


These 15 methods should be enough to cover the basics of welcoming new hires. Welcome new employees the right way and they will be performing well, providing great assets for your team.

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