website developerWebsite developer search for small and medium size business may be easy online on the internet, but the problem would be to distinguish which ones are legitimate, meaning which developer is skilled and experienced, and not student-driven or just a beginner.

A great website developer is needed if you want great results and great returns on your website. What you need is a professional web developer, one that has earned a college degree on actual website development, and has probably been in the business for long. An ideal website developer understands small and medium sized business because chances are, they are in one too. What makes a professional web developer ideal too is that they will speak to you in a language you will understand.

Your business having its own website is a great form of advertising. It is an asset and therefore you are expecting a return on your investment on this website. That is why choosing a proper website developer is critical. Who would want to risk their money on someone they are not sure of, just to see your own domain, like on your business card? Have you seen a sample work of a web developer, and did you notice how the webpages looked and if they contained titles, descriptions and keywords for search engines like Google and Yahoo can easily find your page?

To aid you in your website developer search, let us discuss here some basic questions that a professional web developer should rightly answer.

Questions To Ask When Choosing a Website Developer

1. Regarding ROI or return on investment, how will you be measuring it?
2. The monthly website analytical reports will contain which types of information? At the very least, it supposedly should provide the following:

a. the usual time of day with the most number of visitors

b. the search engines they have used that have brought them to the site

c. the average length of stay on the website

d. the webpages they visit

e. where do they go to after leaving the website

f. the regular online customer’s demographics

g. the ranking of your search engine

3. Will the website developer be monitoring the site 24/7 and reliable 99.8% guaranteed?

  1. Will the links be checked on a daily basis?
  2. Will the broken links be corrected?

4. What is the site’s conversion rate or how many possible online customers have been converted into actual customers?

a. What are their reasons for visiting the site?

b. Were the visitors satisfied with their buying experience?

c. What are their suggestions on improving the site?

5. How can you help me improve business as time goes by?


If ever you’ll have a hard time finding a decent website developer, try checking out your competitors’ websites and other related businesses. You will find the links of most reputable web developers at the bottom of the websites they have created. You may even call the site owners and inquire if they are satisfied with the website developer’s services. If you’re convinced enough, ask for price quotations from the web developer you have chosen. Their price quotes will also reflect their level of professionalism and quality.

If you would like to know more about website developers and other Internet Business Strategies for small and medium size owners, you may contact Ms. Davidson, a certified Internet Business Consultant at [email protected] or visit her website at

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