web site advertisingWeb site advertising seems to be the word on every person’s mouth recently. And instead of disregarding that fact, I thought I’d just jump on and throw my few cents on web advertising. I’m a little nervous but hey, you can stop reading anytime.

Before I get ahead of myself, let me reiterate why I’m nervous: cynicism. I tend to be a little cynical—that’s just who I am. Especially if I’m doing research, whatever topic it may be about, I always feel this tinge of bile rising up from the back of my throat. It colors my articles and web site advertising is not an exception.

On web site advertising and surprises

As I was reading one of the articles on web  advertising I stumbled upon during my research, I expectedly felt this familiar irritation. I was suddenly formulating how best to translate into words this disgust I was feeling. But then, suddenly, this author started to make sense. His views on web site advertising don’t seem so crazy. Ok, I admit, it made a lot of sense.

It was one of those surprises that really floor you. Even more so that the topic of web advertising is usually enough to send me into a rage (reasonable or not… probably not). I started to find myself nodding my head along as I was reading. That bile at the back of my throat slowly began to subside.

But enough on that. Let me tell you my views on all this web site advertising deals.

An (relevant) anecdote on web site advertising

We were creating a web site for one of our clients. We were on a limited budget and the financier of the entire endeavor was not too keen on this concept. We were able to convince him eventually to get a web site, but again, all on a limited budget. It was something anyone can work with but together with a designer who put in a minimal amount of effort—it simply was not going to be a success. In the first place, you can only do so much with web site advertising. What little work and focus given on generating site traffic became equal to the amount of response we got—little.

Now that site has been sold to a company that gives more focus to web advertising and all its aspects. They have proven themselves equal to previous endeavors where they were able to tweak their web site advertising in response to customer needs, traffic generation, and so much more. It is really something I look forward to—seeing their progress and eventual success by utilizing effective strategies on web advertising, among others.

I’m rooting for them and hope they get all the success on web site advertising that they deserve. And the only thing the little cynical in me is saying right now is that probably isn’t necessary.

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