web design elementsWeb design elements either make or break your website. Being a webmaster means you should consider giving your site visitors the most convenient and easiest way around your site as much as possible, and most of all a good impression and a warm reception. Your great product or service being offered will just be trumped with a poorly constructed site and poorly applied web design elements, and thus might lead to poor sales.

When I say good, this doesn’t just pertain to good graphic designs. Professional web designers will argue that there are plenty of elements that lead to good design or website: layout or interface design, accessibility design, user experience design, and the most obvious of all is the graphics design.

These web design elements have been discussed over and over again but what I’d like to focus on now here are the opposite of these good elements, which are the worst elements I have encountered and should be avoided.

The Top 3 Must-Avoid Web Design Elements

1) Background music.

One of the web design elements that annoy most people would be background music. You are only allowed to use this if you are indeed in the music industry, selling music or plugging bands. But if otherwise, it is not advised that you use the background music web design elements because every time a visitor drops by your site, he will hear it again and again, and if I were him, I would mute the speakers or worse, close the site window and never return again to your site. In addition, having background music just adds more burden to your visitors because chances are, it would take longer for your site to load, especially for those with just dial-up connections.

2) Extra-large/small text size.

Another of the web design elements to avoid would be poor font size. You should not just focus on graphic, but the text of your site as well. And since you would like to be easily comprehensible to your audience, make sure that your text is sensibly sized and very much readable and does not cause eyestrain. Your amazing website content would not be put to good use if it is hard to read. And in the end, you might lose potential customers and sales.

3) Popup windows.

Lastly and probably one of the most irritating of the web design elements to avoid would be pop-up windows. Pop-up windows are used for flagrant exposure of ads that most people would not like to see during their surfing of the net. So most people just automatically close them without reading their content, if they get to pass through their pop-up blockers. So even if you had important messages in your pop-ups, most likely it will not cut across your site visitors and will just add up as another annoyance, and more minus points for your website.


So there you have it, if you would like your website to be truly enjoyable to your visitors and potential customers, and most of all sales-generating, then do follow these tips and avoid these web design elements.

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