receiving feedbackReceiving feedback is a natural event in the workplace. It is an integral part of the processes that make up the mechanism of every company. If you’re a writer, it is an important part of the editing and reviewing processes that lead to your manuscript’s final draft. Receiving feedback had always been a challenge ever since people began sharing their opinion. Even if you are a person who is very receptive to help and feedback, it is not surprising that you might have had a hard time receiving some feedback during some situations. Receiving feedback is part of an intricate set of steps that will help you improve your work, but it is not necessarily easy to accept.

Encourage yourself when undergoing the phases of receiving feedback

Since it is quite challenging to undergo the phases of feedback, it’s important to encourage yourself when receiving feedback. You will need a lot of strength and determination to continuously run through the different phases of receiving some feedback. This is why you should always encourage yourself so that you can quickly get back to the process of editing or improving your work.

Receiving feedback and its dreadful phases

Receiving feedback is made up of different phases, similar to the phases of grief. These five phases can help you move onto the more productive phases by learning some tips and tricks to quickly breeze by. It also begins and ends with denial and acceptance, and you will need determination to get to the last stage.

  • Denial is the first of the five phases of receiving some feedback. Receiving feedback is sometimes very challenging because your opinion is quite far from what you think. You cannot believe that these comments apply to the work you have spent so much time and effort on. It can make you go through a lot of denial, so to help move away from that, you can take a step back and look at your work objectively. Try to find out what is true when receiving feedback, and find a way to fix them. Reflecting calmly when receiving some feedback will help you improve better.
  • The next phase is depression. Many times, an author can get stuck in this phase when receiving depression. This is because a lot of overwhelming emotions are included in this phase. If you can, try to call a friend and share your feelings. At the same time, remind yourself that you have improved so much already and that you can get even better when receiving feedback.
  • Integration is the process of choosing which portions of receiving some feedback should be followed. Allow yourself the choice to follow certain comments, and if you really disapprove of some of them, you can also decide not to follow the others.
  • When you’ve reached the phase of enthusiasm, it is when you are finally willing to start working on your manuscript again.
  • The final phase of acceptance is when your enthusiasm settles and you can finally use your motivation to continue your work.

Getting stuck after receiving feedback                                                                                                                                                    

Sometimes, authors get stuck in certain phases after receiving feedback. It would help you if you can talk to a good writing friend. Reflect and take your time so that you can properly act on the feedback you’ve received.

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