watchabilityWatchability may not exist in any of the dictionary, but it exists in the public speaking world. This characteristic of a speaker is what gets the audience to engage and listen. This is neither about the content nor the presentation. It’s all about the personality of the speaker that makes him/her have that watchability trait.

One of the speakers from the National Speakers Association started an opening presentation for the event. Everyone thought that he was an effective first speaker. He got everyone on the right track for the program. However, he was all over the place in technical terms. The speaker was moving around too much and he was constantly checking the time. Despite all these, everyone was definitely engaged. The audience was listening intently and participating to the speaker. To say the least, he has that trait. He got away with all these because the audience just loved watching him on stage.

Tips on becoming watchability

  1. Be yourself

A lot of speakers who has that watchability trait are themselves. You can easily tell if the speaker is speaking from the heart or not. They are easy on the eyes because they move naturally. These speakers use their own words and not just base their thoughts on random quotes.  You can even imagine yourself having the same conversation over coffee. So don’t be afraid to let yourself shine through your speech. The audience will definitely appreciate the real you on stage.

  1. Be comfortable

Speakers who have watchability trait feel at home on stage. You don’t see them making unnecessary gestures because of apprehension. Reason for their extreme comfort is they know their material inside and out. They have done all that that they can to make their speech the best as possible. Speakers like these don’t dwell if the audience like them or not. It’s like the stage is their playground, they just do what they love to do. That’s what makes them have that watchability trait. The stage is your best friend so get comfortable being on it

  1. Just have fun

The first two tips already gave you an idea that the key for having this trait is to just basically have fun. You may still see speakers who are all about looking serious for that professional feel. However, having that watchability trait makes it more fun to watch the speaker. They always give that feel that they want to be on stage for the audience. To be able to give a full show, not just a mere speech presentation. They see public speaking as an honor and privilege, rather than work and effort.

So remember and work on these three tips on having that watchability trait. These tips can help you become that effective and fun speaker that everyone loves.

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