virtual assistantVirtual assistant or VA jobs are mostly searched for by people who want to earn without having to be physically present in the work place. Several companies also find it efficient and cost-friendly to hire someone who will do the job for them.

So, what does a virtual assistant do? A VA is like an office secretary who provides top quality support services to clients. And because online jobs are becoming more popular, VA services are also booming. VA services include emailing, online instant messaging, faxing, calling clients, and other services that are mostly done in an ordinary office setting.

So, you want to be a virtual assistant?

A lot of people nowadays are taking advantage of the trend so most of them are opening virtual assistant businesses online. People who have secretarial backgrounds and are interested in technology usually become successful in this business. So if you are considering starting putting up your own VA business, here are ten good reasons why you should be starting now:

  1. These jobs pay generously. Based on a report by Virtual Assistant Trade Organizations, a full-time VA earns $39,452 per annum. Not a bad income for someone who does not have to struggle with the daily commute to the office.
  1. Every company needs a VA. As mentioned earlier, virtual assistant jobs are becoming more and more popular online. According to the George Washington University forecast, virtual assisting shall become a $130 billion-dollar industry in the future. Companies find it cheaper to hire a virtual assistant because they do not have to pay for any benefits. They only outsource online workers to do the job of a regular employee.
  1. Work at home. The job of a VA can be done through the use of a computer and internet. You do not have to wake up early to catch the bus or to avoid the daily traffic jam.
  1. Manage your own schedule. As a virtual assistant, you can work whenever you want, wherever you want. You can choose which assignments to make so you have more time for a lot of things. If you are busy tending to your kids, you can always make both ends meet. Virtual assistant jobs are very flexible and you can decide if you want to do it part time or full time.
  1. Choose your preferred clients. VA jobs are very flexible so you have the privilege to decide who you want to work with.
  2. You can take more jobs online. Virtual assistant services are so plenty that you can do more than just one thing. You have the freedom to choose which job you feel like doing: writing, data entry, spreadsheets, transcription services, and many more. If you feel bored doing the same thing all over again, look for other virtual assistant jobs that you can offer your services to. You will not be surprised that there are many choices to choose from.
  1. You can niche yourself. Surely, there are many things you know about aside from secretarial jobs. You can actually apply this in your virtual assistant Offer the skills you have to the company you are working for as a VA. Let them know that you are an expert on a particular field and from there you can start looking for more opportunities.
  1. Put your equipment to good use. Your computer and gadgets at home should not be used only as a source of entertainment. Start making money through it and you will not just be entertained but fulfilled as well.
  1. Work full-time or part-time. Your flexible schedule as a virtual assistant gives you the choice to either work full-time or part-time. Be your own boss and decide if you want to be hard working for this day or you just want to relax and spend more time with your family.
  2. Do something you love while earning all at the same time. If you are passionate about computers and technology, you will certainly enjoy working online.


There are a lot of opportunities available in the internet for virtual assistant jobs. This might be the job you are looking for. Start your own VA business and earn money from it like normal office workers do.

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