cold callsCold calls may be quite irritating for some. This refers to those calls done by salespeople to individuals who do not and did not express any interest to the goods or services they are offering. As the term implies, it is the opposite of warm calls, or calls made to those who have expressed interest and intent to purchase or avail. Cold calls generally refer to calls, but it can also include visits for those salespersons who do door-to-door. They also apply in finance where brokers acquire new businesses through unsolicited calls to potential customers.

Why cold calls are avoided

Cold calls, are cold, and anyone who hates rejection would understand. Making these calls are one of the most difficult tasks to do as a salesperson, because of the various range of replies one can get from these calls. Cold calls may even lead to verbal abuse, or a customer simply hanging up on you if you’re lucky. As more and more marketing techniques are being discovered, they are being avoided as much as possible. Newer and more feasible methods are being used such as e-mail marketing, text messaging, and social media sites. If you would like to veer away from cold calls, then you should try these techniques, or better yet, use your company’s good image to avoid it.

How testimonials can avoid cold calls

The best way to avoid them is to make best use of your best work. One of the best contents for your promotional marketing materials are words from your own clients. Some say it may come off as bragging, or too self-promoting, but isn’t that what’s marketing is actually supposed to do?

Every time you commence with a project, make sure you don’t forget to ask your clients for a few words on how the project went, on they liked it, and use these words to attract more clients. Client testimonials are an effective way to let others understand how your company works so they will see the value of your worth.

If your clients do not give their feedback on a project on their own, do not be afraid to ask for one. It is actually something normal to do and most clients even feel good if you ask a favor like this from them.

Examples of client testimonials

Good client testimonials are those that mention a measurable objective that has been reached, in a certain language your prospective clients can relate to.

Here is an example of a client testimonial:

“Recently I came back from work from Cape Cod amounting to more than $11,000 and this is due to the strategies and techniques I have acquired from you. My consultation with you has led to my biggest earning job to date.”

Here is another testimonial from another client in the corporate world:

“Ever since I have worked with you, I have developed my confidence and speaking sills, as well as practice with speaking opportunities that have opened up. I was even able to give testimony to court that resulted our company winning around $1 million lawsuit with a client that did not want to pay. Thanks to the methods that you have taught me.”

Remember, client testimonials are only worth it if there are tangible measures to the objectives that have been reached. This will sell better to future clients. Then your work will sell on its own. No more need for cold calls.

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