search engine rankingSearch engine ranking is what every website owner pray for. It is probably the most effective way of marketing online. Why is this so? Well, surveys have found that the most popular way for users to get to a website is by making a search on search engines. This is only followed by clicking to a link from a related website and finding out about it through recommendations. You’re website being known to users through the search engine is true for 90% of internet users. They make an online search. But, they are more likely to only click on the first two or three listing that’s on the search result.

Your Search Engine Ranking is Proportional to the Traffic You Receive

Search engines work by bringing your website to potential customers. Internet users will search a specific topic. Search engines would go through millions of indexed Web pages. Then they will present you with those that are most relevant to your search. The search results are ranked according to how relevant they are. Usually, this is based on your use of keywords. Search engine ranking usually has algorithms. The general idea is that these ranking algorithms will check the location and frequency of keywords on your webpage.

Aside from this, it will evaluate the number of websites that link to your site. The higher your search engine ranking is, the higher the traffic you can generate. However, it is not only your ranking that you should think about, but also which search engines you should work with. There are about 6-7 search engines that has the potential of bringing you the most traffic. To generate large traffic, you need the combination of high search engine rankings and a popular search engine.

To get you the high search engine ranking that you want, you need to optimize your website. A well optimized site is sure to get you high rankings. Usually this can be done by hiring a search engine optimization consultant. However, eventually, if you are eager to learn, you can do it on your own. With the right strategies, you won’t need large chunks of money to get you the search engine rankings that you desire.

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