va workVA work is one of the many few jobs made available to us by the internet. There are a lot of virtual assistants now, and it won’t be long until their numbers increase. However, just because a plenty of people turn to VA work for employment, doesn’t mean they are good at it.

When it comes to doing this work, your client or your boss’ opinion matters most because they look into your work, and they basically determine your job security. So how do you create value to your clients and boss? You do this by becoming more knowledgeable, passionate, and indispensable when it comes to your VA work. Always learn as much as you can, and the accept criticisms from your boss and clients to constantly improve your work.

To learn more, here are a few more VA tips you should do to make you one of the most valuable virtual assistants your boss or client has ever had.

Indispensable VA work habits all virtual assistants must know

  1. Ask

VA work doesn’t simply mean doing whatever it is that your boss will tell you. Sometimes, it also requires that you take a closer look at your work and their work as well. By doing this, you have to ask questions. If you ask more, you’ll be able to learn more, and essentially do more of what your client really wants you to do.

Your VA work would be more personal and customized to really fit what they want and need. This way, you not only simply do just any work, you also get to embrace your work in a more passionate and understanding manner.

It is an ethic that a lot of clients really find impressive in valuable virtual assistants because it means that they are open to learning, adjusting and changing to meet the specific needs of the job.

  1. Suggest

Whenever you are doing VA work, there will always be things you find that need improvement, especially when you usually handle certain processes or tasks. You will always be able to find that some things are not being done efficiently, or might even be too costly.

If you’ve been noticing these problems while doing VA work, then you might want to suggest something to not only improve your work experience, but also ease the work load of your boss or client.

It will make them feel think positively of you, and make them see that you are not doing VA work just for the money, but to really embrace the job and help your client or boss.

  1. Give money saving tips

No matter how rich or poor your boss or client may seem to be, everyone loves to save. So if you know any money saving tips, or cheaper options for your VA work or maybe even their work, then offer these ideas to them.

They’ll be happy you did.

  1. Be good

In whatever work you do, with whomever, always do it with the practice of goodwill. Instill it in your mind and you’d be a pleasure for your boss or client to work with. Once, I helped out a client when he asked me to find something for him. I told him, it wasn’t a problem considering that I have also helped a client out with the same thing.

One time, I even gave a client a favor, and I was surprised when he asked me,

“What will you get from giving me this?”

I told him, “Well, nothing really. I just thought of helping you out.”

During this time, he even offered money for the help, but I refused. It may not make sense to you, but really, your offer of good will to your client without accepting anything in return will give you more for your business than what he offered at the time. As a virtual assistant, I don’t want to my client feel like he owes me anything for the little favors that I do. By doing this, we create trust and confidence in knowing we aren’t ripping each other off.

  1. Offer help

If you are done with your VA work, as if your boss has anything else he wants you to do. Be his listener, or confidant if needed! This way, he’ll be able to appreciate your efforts and even have a better perspective about your thoughts and abilities.

  1. Be open to suggestions

Well, this doesn’t really need to be explained, but I’ll have to put this here for emphasis. Clients or bosses all prefer different things. They all want things done a certain way, and you should always be available to help them do whatever works best for them.

Virtual assistants do VA work to help things work smoothly, and what better way to make this happen than doing exactly what they want you to do.

  1. Don’t complain

When you are asked to do something, don’t complain or whine, just do what you have to do, and do it well. That is basically the basis on how long you’ll be able to work with your client. If you don’t want to do something they ask, they won’t want anything to do with you.

  1. Learn constantly

If you improve your set of skills, there will be a lot more people who will consider hiring you for VA work. If you are aware of certain software and tried all the tools there is in a certain program, then you’ll have an impressive set of skills that all clients would look for in a virtual assistant.

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