opt in marketingOpt-in marketing is a type of marketing. It allows you to combine customer service and marketing in one. These are two important elements of success to any business. It is a low cost and easy marketing strategy. Opt-in marketing allows you to introduce your business. It also allows you to show the public what you’re all about.

How does opt-in marketing work?

Opt-in marketing works when a website visitor subscribes to your promotional materials. Take for instance, newsletters and catalogs. The list of subscribers provides the database. Tis shows where you will send the promotional materials to. That way, you have a loyal following of those who are interested in sharing your materials with others.

Why are articles important in opt-in marketing?

Here, content is key. This is best done through informative and entertaining articles.  With a number of well written articles, more subscribers will be intrigued by what you have to say.  They will then sign up to your list in order to keep up to date.

Articles provide you with the opportunity to tap into other types of marketing that will boost your business.  Search engine optimization is a type of marketing which generate more traffic for your website when a particular keyword is typed into a search engine.  Therefore, be sure that your articles are SEO-friendly so that the search engines lead to you.

As well as being SEO-friendly, make sure that your articles are well researched and have a connection with your business.  Those that sign up with your opt-in marketing list are expecting content related to your business.  Articles such as tips, manuals, methods and guidelines will be very useful to those on your opt-in marketing list.  For new readers, provide links in your article that lead to your website and other articles.  If they like what they see, your list will grow as they sign up and refer you to others.

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