filezillaFilezilla is a cross-platform FTP software that lets you create connections between your local system and an STFP site. It is available for all platforms (Windows, Linux or Mac OS X). In addition, it lets you resume interrupted file transfers, preserve file date or time on transfers and prevents overwriting of new files. To top it off, it’s for free.

So, how to get started with Filezilla?

Follow these steps to start using Filezilla.

  • Visit
  • Choose and click on the button you want to download
  • Follow the instructions that’s provide o the site
  • Execute the program
  • Run and Install the program
  • Default installation settings is usually recommended for users
  • Launch the program

After you’ve downloaded Filezilla, the next thing you should learn is how to use the Quick Connect Bar. Enter the following:

  • Address of the server in the Host Box
  • Username and password (if required)
  • The port of the field (if not the default port)
    • Port
    • 21 – FTP
    • 22 – SFTP
    • Click Quick Connect button
    • To make a permanent entry, go to File and choose “Copy Current Connection to Site Manager”
      • If you want to store FTP server names, use the Site Manager

Now that everything is set up, it’s time to learn how to use Filezilla. So, how do you use Filezilla?

  • Open Filezilla and go to File, and the select Site Manager. This can also be done by clicking on the icon that says “Open the Site Manager” below the File n the menu.
  • Once the Site Manager window appears, you can click on “New Site” to add a new site.
    • Just type in the websites name (e.g. My Website)
    • Go to the General Tab and enter the FTP address and port
      • Your server type should be “FTP – File Transfer Protocol “and your LogOnType should be Normal, in order for you to enter your username and password.
      • Click Connect in order to connect to the server
        • When you’re connected to the servers, you’ll be able to see folders, which are the root directory of your website, on the right window.
        • Also, website files would be placed in the public folder (public_html)

If you want to create a New Directory, we’ve provided a guide for you as well.

  • Right click on the Remote Site window and then select “Create Directory”
  • Type in the name of the directory and click OK

Finally, how do you transfer files to the server using Filezilla?

  • Double click the folders in your Local Site window that contain the files you want to transfer
  • Drag these folders or files to the Remote Site window
    • You will be able to see the upload progress in the Transfer Queue window at the bottom of the Filezilla window.

Filezilla is your free FTP solution and if you want to learn more about it, feel free to visit

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