infopreneuringInfopreneuring, as the word suggests, is the type of business in which its main commodity is information. With the advances in technology and the constant need of people for information, offline businesses are slowly converting to infopreneuring possibly to push their products online and to expand the realm of their business.

Since the old saying “content is king” is ever more true here, you ne
ed to have contents that are not only interesting but also informative. In the world of infopreneuring, those who have the monopoly of information wins. Hence, the need for contents is constant.

To be able to materialize its benefits, you must know the ways on how to successfully create interesting contents. As part of the series on infopreneuring, I had discussed in my previous article the four ways to create contents efficiently, to wit:

a. Write your own materials;

b. Record your ideas and get someone to transcribe it;

c. Hire a ghostwriter to write for you; and

d. Purchase contents you can resell.

For this article, I will be discussing the infopreneuring option of hiring a ghostwriter to create your contents.

Ghostwriters for infopreneuring: What do you need to know?

As in many things, hiring a ghostwriter has its advantages and disadvantages. One of its advantages is that it lifts you of the burden of creating contents that is vital in infopreneuring. Secondly, since you are not busy creating contents, it gives you free time to do other works in connection to being an infopreneur. Lastly, you can just seat back and relax while waiting for your manual/book/eBook/articles.

Meanwhile, here are the disadvantages of using ghostwriters. One, hiring someone to do the work for you entails cost on your part unlike if you do it yourself. The usual fee that ghostwriters charged ranges from $400-$3000 depending on the project. Seems pricey? Yes, but if you take in consideration the return of investment for your infopreneuring, you will realize that it’s worth it.

The second disadvantage, you need to have constant communication with your ghostwriter. You have to understand that although someone is writing the contents for you, it is still technically yours. Hence, you have to constantly talk with your writers to get your message within your articles. This process is not as easy as it may seem as it involves the following:

a. You send your ideas to your ghostwriters on how to go about your content. This includes the important ideas you want to see on your content.

b. Based on the ideas you sent, the writer will then send you an outline in which you could adjust depending on your liking. After the revised outline was sent to the writer, the act of actual writing begins.

c. The writer will be usually working for 1 week to 2 months for the rough draft of your contents. After the draft has been sent to you, you may check and suggests changes. The writer will then makes adjustments incorporating your suggestions. This process is repeated until you are contented with the finished product.

The process of revising is important for you to ensure the high quality of your infopreneuring content.

The next statement is the most important if you are using ghostwriters. You need to read the contents. This is highly important to ensure that what you will be publishing is something you will put your name and reputation on the line for. After all it’s you, not the ghostwriter, who will have their name on the published content as its writer.

Although hiring ghostwriter for infopreneuring saves you time in writing, this does not mean no work at all on your part. Sometimes, the processes involved in hiring ghostwriters are more tedious than doing the writing by yourself. Do not be lax just because someone is doing the work for you; it is more important for you to be critical to have that content that you will be proud of.

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