open officeOpen Office is your solution if you need an application that can do it all. As a multi-platform office productivity program, Open Office acts as a word processor, presentation creator, spreadsheet application, formula editor and more.  It accommodates a number of file formats and is a great application for those that want to do it all.

How do I get started with Open Office?

Enjoying Open Office starts with a simple download There are different types of Open Office downloads.  Pick the one that is most compatible with your system and execute by clicking Run and then Install.

How to use Open Office Writer

Open Office Writer is the handy word processor of Open Office.  It’s easy to launch – just open the Start menu, select All Programs, go to Open 3.4 and open Open Writer.

Need to change the paper size?  Go to Format, select Page then choose the Page tab which is located on the style window.  There are many styles that you can use.  With this, you can also twiddle around with headers, footers, border styles, columns, margins and footnotes.

To adjust indentations, use the ruler.  You can either use the three small triangles or you can simply right click on any area on the screen, select paragraph, then select the Indents & Spacing tab.  If you want to change the indentation on a particular paragraph, do this by highlighting the paragraph and then dragging the bottom left or right triangle.  If it’s just the first line of a paragraph that you want to create an indent, play around with the top left triangle.

How to use Open Office Calc

Need to do some spreadsheets?  Open Office Calc will help you make sense of the data.  Here’s how to work your way through this great program:

There are several Open Office Calc toolbars that make the job easier.  There’s the Menu Toolbar which contains most of the basic commands that you’ll need.  If you need to find commands like New, Copy, Paste, and more, use the Function Toolbar.  If you want to twiddle around with fonts and style, use the Formatting Toolbar.  For more of the mathematical functions such as Sum and Function Wizard, use the Formula Toolbar.

How to use Open Office Impress

Would you like to make an impressive presentation?  Open Office Impress is exactly what you need.  Once you open the application, you have the choice of starting a presentation from seven templates (From Template), creating one through a blank canvas (Empty Presentation) or you can work on an existing presentation (Open Existing Presentation).

Navigating the Open Office Impress application is very straightforward.  The Slides Pane is where you can see the slides of your presentation in thumbnail view.  The actual working area of your presentation is known as the Slide area.  The Task Pane is where you can alter your slides via different slide layouts, custom animation, slide transition and more.  The Presentation toolbar has more basic functions such as creating new slides, duplicate slide and viewing the entire slideshow.

The impressive bit of Open Office Impress comes with the many special effects you can add onto your presentation.  You can add audio and pictures to make your presentation more interactive.  To grab your viewer’s attention, use special effects with the Custom Animation tab and the Slide Transition tab.  If you want to add a link to another document or slide, use the Hyperlink icon.

To learn more about Open Office, check out the following website:

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