promotional productsPromotional products and advertisements are both used by companies to get the word out about their latest offerings. They are also used in disseminating information about various products.  Between these two, however, promo products are preferred by small to large companies because of the benefits that go along with it. To give you an overview about promotional products and businesses, here are some of the advantages in using them.

Promotional products can help strengthen a brand

Today, public relations is not just about making your products known. Especially when they are as generic as clothes and shoes, even your competitors may bear the same style. To leave a lasting impression on your clientele, you need to strengthen not only your specific products but your brand as well. Promotional products like a pen with your brand’s logo and tagline will help expose your business. Some reliable surveys say that 90% of them are used by their recipients. The remaining 10% of your clients pass your promotional product to their families and friends. These numbers mean that using promo products does not only mean encouraging your clients to purchase what you offer but also encouraging them to market on your behalf.

Promotional products are useful

Pens, papers, stickers, and other office supplies are the most common promotional products businesses use. These products are very useful not just in an office table but also at home. Moms can use pad papers and pens in creating a grocery list. Kids will enjoy organizing magnets on the fridge door. With your business’ promotional products present at your clients’ homes, you are able to influence them to buy your products for more than just 30 seconds. They are like constant reminders to them that your brand is just around the corner.

Promotional products are low-cost

Compared to advertising, promotional products are very inexpensive. Instead of paying $1000 for a 30-second clip shown thrice a day that has no definite ROI, you can opt for 2000 pens with your brand name and logo printed on it, and give the same to specific persons whom you know has a greater chance of purchasing your products.

Cons of using promotional products

Like any promotional material, promotional products also have its disadvantages. For one, conversion rate of its recipient can be zero. You can prevent this by making sure that your promos are received by your target market, and no one else. Giving your promos to markets who have no interest for your products will really result to a zero turnout.

Another disadvantage of promotional products is that going for high end and sophisticated ones can mean higher investments as well. Choose promo products that are useful in everyday life yet very cheap to produce.

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