types of job interviewsTypes of job interviews affect your employment. Who would have thought that there are different styles used when it comes to finding the perfect candidate for a job position? According to a headhunter company based in Houston, there are five different types of job interviews which aim to find a perfect match between a candidate and an employer. Read on below to know what sets apart the different types and how to survive each one of them.

  1. Screening Interview

The screening interview serves as the front liner among the five types of job interviews. It aims to identify and remove candidates that do not possess the right qualifications needed for the job. You need to elaborate facts that can highlight your skills instead of trying to establish rapport with the interviewer. Types of job interviews like this will usually look for loopholes in your credentials. Answer every question, but don’t offer additional information. This can be used against you.

  1. Types of job interviews done face-to-face

Once you have proven your credentials, you will now undergo types of job interviews that will check if you and your skills will blend well with the team that you will join. In order to survive, you need to connect well with the person assessing you. Emphasize the fact that your skills will be highly beneficial to the company. Types of job interviews like this can also be done as a group, wherein you get to discuss with your fellow candidates. Make sure that you interact well with the other candidates and use your skills to win them over.

  1. Types of job interviews that induce stress

In some types of job interviews, stress is used in order to check how well a person can handle himself in nerve-wracking situations. They can use different techniques such as displaying a sarcastic attitude or make you lose your patience by keeping you waiting. Always keep your calm. Never lose your temper.

  1. Types of job interviews done over lunch

Lunch interviews are more casual, but you are prone to commit mistakes if you forget that you are being watched all the time. Succeed in this interview by looking for common interests with the interviewer. Let him or her take control of the food choices if needed.

  1. Panel interview

Panel interviews are one of the most common types of job interviews. You will be assessed by several personnel who are authorized to decide whether you will get hired or not. Focus on the person who gave the question while answering.  Be prepared for on-the-spot problem solving questions. You need to show them that you knowledge and skills can handle different types of real life situations.

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