travel writingTravel writing is the typical term used by authors who write about their experiences in new places. It is gaining popularity because of the ease of travel. It focuses mostly on the adventures as well as the food, culture and unique things about the place they visited. These travel writing articles and books usually look at the grandeur of the place, usually forgetting the hype before and the actual experiences. The truth is, there are tons of other details related to the actual travel experience, but travel writing helps the reader focus on just the place and the experience.

Travel writing the before and after

This type of writing puts the experience of travel into words. It takes note of things that other travelers might want to try out, and shares the experience with them. Through travel writing, you can show exactly what they want to know. They will be able to learn what it would really be like to be in that place, even if they themselves are sitting in the safety of their homes. It tries to package a whole experience into a readable material that is both exciting and informative. Most of the time, however, travel writing takes away the other two aspects of travelling. The preparation and anticipation beforehand, and the responses you have from your expectations.

Knowing how to select and embellish

Because there is actually a large amount of experiences passed through in travel writing, an author has to know which parts to focus on. This type of writing is not just about creating a good article about the places travelled in. It’s also about knowing which parts to include in your writing. In fact, it’s important to make sure that you only choose to include the exciting and important things in travel writing. Although a lot of things may have happened to you, your readers will still only remember the parts that they find interesting. To do this, you have to choose the memorable things and then make those the highlight of your travel writing. That way, you will make good travel pieces that focus on the parts of your travel that you would like other people to see.

Novels in comparison with travel writing

This type of writing is still very much like creating other novels and manuscripts. The most important lesson that travel writing can give to an aspiring author is the need to focus on certain things and do away with the rest. It shows authors that not all parts of an experience need to go down on paper. The same is true for novels. Every author would have to pick certain things to add and other things to include. Most of the things that are included should be embellished and written down in exciting, attention grabbing ways to end up with a great manuscript.

Another lesson we can get from travel writing is the fact that many other people have the same access to travel as many authors. In other words, a lot of people already understand how certain sceneries would look like. In this way, many people would understand a quicker description on the page and there is no need to make lengthy paragraphs about the setting of a story.

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