There are three top eZine formats that are most commonly used today. It will be a lot beneficial to you if you know what these eZine formats are as they will help you have a more effective eZine strategy. Choose from these three formats by looking at the pros and cons. The advantages and disadvantages of each will help you determine which one you should adopt for your eZine.

What are these Top eZine Formats?

The first format is called text eZine. This is the most commonly used among the three top eZine formats. The easiest of the three, text eZine format requires nothing but knowledge in MS Word or Notepad.

top ezine formats
top ezine formats

The second format is called HTML format. This is a little technical and requires a certain level of knowledge of HTML. If you have not enough HTML skills but would like to make your eZine look more sophisticated, the HTML format allows you to add features so it will be more appealing to your readers. In effect, your value to your readers will increase and you will gain more authority based on your content.

With HTML eZine format, you can have variations in font types and sizes. You can get to include images and other cool features. The biggest problem faced by this format, however, is that it is easily blocked by spam filters before they even land a space on your subscriber’s inbox.

The third among the top eZine formats is the PDF eZine format. As the name suggests, this is where you publish eZine in PDF format. Because of this, eZines in PDF are usually issued once or twice a month only.

It takes a lot more time to complete though but what it lacks in practicality is made up with its quality. Yes, if you want to send quality content, the PDF format is the most recommended.  Moreover, it allows you to insert affiliate links so your subscribers can pass your eZine around easily.

So there goes the top eZine formats used today. If you want to have a more enticing eZine, it’s best to use these formats interchangeably and surprise your readers every now and then.

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