writing headlinesWriting headlines that encapsulate your products’ worth can turn any readers into clients. This is vital in the success of your ads. Sure, all the other elements in your website, like your logo, can add to the “feel” of your site. But writing headlines that can capture the attention of your potential clients is a more sure fire way. This encourages your clients to open their wallets. Eventually, they will purchase whatever it is you are selling. This claim is agreed upon by David Ogily. A master copywriter, Ogily said “On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.  When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents out of your dollar.” For you to stand-out, it is highly important for you to have striking headlines.

Write headlines that work by lifting your inspiration from the headlines that already worked.

Writing headlines: Curiosity is the key

In writing effective headlines, take advantage of human beings’ innate nature. His curiosity for things. You must work on writing headlines that are intriguing. So that potential clients will stop what they are doing. So that they will read your article. Look at these headlines for example.

  1. Do You Make These Mistakes With Your Money?
  2. Do You Make These Mistakes Playing Golf?
  3. Do You Make These Mistakes In Bed?
  4. Do You Make These Mistakes Baking Cakes?
  5. URGENT NEWS FOR HOMEOWNERS: Read this before you pay your bills…
  6. URGENT NEWS FOR WOMEN: Read this before you purchase any makeup products…
  7. URGENT NEWS FOR BUSINESS OWNERS: Read this before you run your ad…

Notice how the above headlines took advantage of your inquisitive nature. By writing headlines, go for what intrigues your senses.

Following the above examples in writing effective headlines, you must remember two things:

  1. In writing effective headlines that is effective, your word choice in the construction of the sentence or phrase is vital. With this, you need to choose words that have an impact and can stir the senses of the clients and urge them to buy the products being advertised. Notice how the words, especially the word “urgent”, made you want to read the entire article as the words conveyed pressing information and seemingly talking straight at you.
  2. You must always consider in writing headlines the intended readers of your article. Taking as models the above examples, its effectiveness not only lie on the choice of words but because its message is directed to its readers. In writing effective headlines that are directed to your intended client, you must know and understand the needs of your clients. With this, you should conduct a study of your intended clients that includes their preferences.

Writing headlines that are effective is undeniably vital to capture the attention of your clients. With the influx of new advertisements every day that competes with your clients’ attention, having a compelling “signage” can act as your vehicle towards your goal to sell. With this, just always remember to feed your clients’ curiosity and you can now start writing headlines.

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