duplicating downlineDuplicating downline . Multi- level marketing. Network marketing. Say these words in any conversation and prepare to meet a barrage of controversy. It is one of the most important aspects of multi- level marketing (MLM). But no amount of argument can deny how duplicating downline is the key to success in MLM.

There has been a rise in the existence of MLM organizations. Their lasting power also says a lot about how they are here to stay. With this, a lot of people are now beginning to join the bandwagon and starting their own MLM.

However, no matter how much people want to start their own MLM, misinformation and misguidance have resulted to failed attempts. Indeed, it is difficult to maintain an MLM. But a key component in sustaining a successful MLM is a duplicating downline.

Here are just a few tips to effectively implement it. If you apply these tips, then your MLM business may just be as productive and successful as those well- established ones.

  1. Be an effective leader.

To start a duplicating downline, someone must be there to start it. You must have an excellent people management skill since it is basically recruiting other people. Without it, you won’t be able to attract people. Not being able to attract people will find your duplicating downline crashing down around you.

There is a misconception that MLM organizations are self- generating. If that were the case, then there would be no failed MLM organizations. It cannot be achieved alone. No matter how perfect a product or service is, duplicating downline does not happen on its own. People are needed.

Be a good leader. Train and mentor your people well. Otherwise, your MLM organization will indeed fail.

  1. Duplicating downline success through people.

Managing your own MLM organization involves a lot of selflessness. If one of your people hits a snag, it would be fairly easy to just place the blame on them. However, effective MLM organization management is not about pointing fingers. If you do, then you have to think about who hired them in the first place. And that person would be you.

As the one on top the duplicating downline, you can hire a lot of people. But numbers do not immediately translate to success. Have a clear vision of where and how you want to succeed. Otherwise, your MLM organization will become stagnant.

Sadly, human nature tends to think only about and for themselves. We have seen it in some failed businesses and corporations. The big bosses only think of how they can succeed while regarding the people below them as mere cogs in the big machine. If you want your MLM organization to succeed, forget about this way of thinking.

Success in duplicating downline is essential for the growth of everyone in the organization. For the top to succeed, the bottom must as well. Be an effective leader once again. A successful downline should ensure that the victory trickles downward.

  1. Everyone is equal.

Being in power can go to anyone’s head. As a leader, you must ensure that this does not happen to you. After all, what you can do can also be done by the people in your organization. Share the same philosophies and techniques you employed when you first started duplicating downline.

Building an effective downline also means duplicating yourself. You must infect people within your organization with the same drive you have to sell and attract more people. To say that you have an efficient duplicating downline, it should become one with the founder. Everyone in the organization must share the same dreams, commitments, and hopes as the founder. This is to ensure that everyone has the same goal and eventually the same successes.

  1. Recruitment is also crucial.

It would be impossible to find someone exactly like the founder. However, during the recruitment process, you must be able to find individuals who are on the same wavelength as you. They must be capable of thinking and acting the same way as the recruiter.

The leader of the MLM organization must be able to relate to the people in the downline, and vice versa. Building a duplicating downline must include proper and healthy relations amongst everyone in the organization. Being able to relate well and being friendly to the people in the downline assures everyone that success is possible to attain—whether he is the leader or not.

For a duplicating downline to be successful, the top should be accessible, duplicable, and relatable. Building it ensures success to everyone in the organization.

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