tips on article writingTips on article writing come in handy especially when you are swamped with unwritten articles while your deadline is just around the corner. Many writers, especially beginners, often experience creative roadblocks, making it hard for them to produce quality articles in time for deadlines. They may try to follow some tips on article writing online, but they still couldn’t squeeze out a single sentence.

If you are going through the frustrating experience described above, then you might be looking at the wrong tips. In this piece, we would give you tips that would really help you snap out of your writer’s block and improve the content of your materials.

6 useful tips on article writing

The following tips on article writing may seem too elementary for you, but they are very crucial. Believe it or not, many writers get stuck with a blank page or come up with crappy content just because they fail to follow these basic tips.

  • Take it one step at a time.

Writing is a step-by-step process – a simple fact that many writers, especially newbies, fail to realize. You’ve probably read this from other tips on article writing, but you always begin with brainstorming or thinking of what you want to write about. Then you start writing everything you want to say, without minding the grammar, spelling or if the sentences even make sense. After finishing your draft, you could then edit and revise the article.

Other tips on article writing may not emphasize this but it is very important that you turn off all your filters while writing your draft because stopping to revise your mistakes would disrupt your train of thought.

  • Know the topic inside out.

The second item in our tips on article writing is actually about brainstorming. Being familiar with the topic you are writing about is not enough. Get to know your topic thoroughly, but don’t stress over it. Just browse blogs or forums to get ideas and to know what the customers are looking for. Then, try to address their questions through your materials.

  • Make it short but informative.

Limit your articles to 300 to 750 words. Just like what other tips on article writing are saying, long online articles will bore and turn your readers off. However, you have to make sure that your articles has all the information that the readers need to know.

  • Have someone else review your work.

Before submitting your revised work, ask a friend or a colleague to read it. Listen to their comments, even the negative ones, and use those to further improve your material.

  • Stick to your objective and stay on track.

Keep in mind that you are not writing a sales letter. The purpose of your article is to inform the readers about the product or service and encourage them to visit the website. You do not need tips on article writing to know this but you have to make sure that your article stays focused on the chosen topic from start to finish. Otherwise, you would just confuse the readers.

  • Use vernacular language.

As much as possible, steer clear of highfaluting terms and jargons. Write as if you are talking to the reader face to face. This would help you establish a more personal connection with them.

By following and practicing these tips on article writing, you would be writing like a pro in no time.

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