time tracking softwareTime tracking software have replaced the old methods of tracking the time spent by employees at work. Now that technology ushered in a greater demand for productivity, managers are resorting to this software.

Multiple Purposes of Time Tracking

When time tracking software are not yet available, time cards and punch cards are common. They are the ways by which an organization monitors the time an employee spends at work. These method are simple. Employees just punch their cards and a machine would record their hours. The ins and outs were then recorded and copied onto spreadsheets for manual analysis.

However, tracking has evolved to being more than just a tool to measure an employee’s productivity. With the fast-developing technology come intricate aspects of management that demand every administrator’s attention. Thus, nowadays, tracking serves a variety of purpose. Indeed, time tracking is now used for profit management, payroll processing, billing and invoicing, database management, client management, project management and the like.

Why time tracking software are necessary nowadays

Technological advancements have added a significant workload to employees. They have to answer emails, phones, online queries, etc. Thus, it is imperative that a time tracking software be in place. It monitors the time allotted by the employee in his job. In this sense, it ultimately analyzes the efficiency of an employee at work.

They are especially important for businesses with worldwide presence. Having thousands of staff in varied time zones could be daunting. To monitor their working hours could be stressful without this software.

Advantages of a time tracking software

There are several benefits. They make data management easier and more accurate. They can be tailored fit for the purpose you have in mind. Time tracking software can be used for invoicing and payroll processing. It also works for employee time tracking, project estimation, and costing. You can trim down costs since you can afford not hiring a supervisor.

Disadvantages of time tracking software

They also have their disadvantages. With this software, employees may feel too much pressure to meet the company demands with regard to time. Aside from that, the information provided may not be used correctly.

Where to find time tracking software

They are not difficult to find. The internet has a lot of them. Examples are Time Doctor, Time Drop Time Clock, Oolyo, eResource Scheduler, Tick, TimeCamp, etc. These time tracking software are downloadable onto any platform. What is more, these software can be used online or offline. They can also be customized in accordance to your desired results.

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