self promotionSelf promotion is something you should not neglect as a writer. It is equally important as writing your piece. Here are just three reasons why you should invest time doing it.

Reasons for investing on self promotion

  • Consumers never buy stuff that they don’t know exists.

Without self promotion, your chances at being known as a published writer are slim. How can people purchase your novel if they don’t know it was recently published? You need to get people to know that your book is out there.

  • Self promotion allows you to interact with your target market and fellow writers. As you do it, you’ll realize that you are getting people involved. You get your target audience engaged. You get to know fellow authors and even other publishers. In the end, you grow personally and professionally.
  • Self promotion widens your market reach. It exposes you to more potential readers. Your opportunity at selling your books is greater if you are out there telling people of the benefits they’ll receive by purchasing.

There are many ways to do it. With the increased reliance of the world to Internet, its many forms need not be costly at all.

Ways to do self promotion

  • Blogging – Blogging as self promotion is extremely popular. This is because you can share your thoughts and ideas to millions of people in an instant. By making valuable content, you can earn huge following. There are many sites that can host your blog. In your blogs, you can do self promotion by posting about your recently published books. You can post updates, news, excerpts, press releases and reviews there. You may even launch contests and offer your book as prize. As you learn about this kind of self-promotion, you’ll realize eventually that you are beginning to increase your fan base.
  • Asking for Reviews – Visit review sites. Ask people to rate your work and to write an objective opinion about it. Remember that the more people reviews your work, the more your work is known. The more your work is known, the more it gets likely to be acknowledged. Readers sometimes rely on recommendations and reviews before making a purchase. That is why this form of self promotion is very important.
  • Joining fora and chat groups. This type allows you to increase your potential of gaining readers. By interacting with those who love books, you get to expand your network. You can engage authors and publishers. You can learn from them. You can get valuable insights from conversing with them.

These are just some of the ways by which you can do self-promotion effectively. They are not very costly and can increase your readership overtime. With hard work, they will all pay off nicely.

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