infomercialsInfomercials are nothing new. They have been airing in televisions worldwide for quite some time now. I am sure in your channel surfing you have passed through some of them. And be honest, I am sure that you have been interested in some of the products too. I myself have a lot of interesting infomercial products on my list. Have you heard of that super floor cleaner that can help turn your old floors into something spanking new? Or how about that small and simple exercise machine that will help you shed a lot of pounds without the hard work? Who will just let these opportunities pass by? For just around a few dollars, and even available in easy cash installments? That is the wonder of infomercials for you.

Behind Celebrities and Infomercials

Another unforgettable trait is that they feature celebrities, which makes their products more interesting and irresistible. One of the more famous celebrities is Suzanne Somers, known for endorsing the Thighmaster. Along with this, she also endorses other infomercials such as appliances and beauty products. Somers has definitely made her mark in the world of these commercials.

There is no doubt that celebrities are very effective endorsers. Since people see celebrities almost everyday and people can relate to them and their lives easily, celebrities willing to put their names into the products makes the infomercials very effective indeed.

On the other side of the coin are spokespersons turned into celebrities – one example of which is Ron Popeil. Just upon hearing his name and people would immediately remember his famous catch phrase, “Set it and forget it.” People would remember to get those fats away from their food and let it be and walk away while the food cooks. His infomercials are just a hit for me that I was able to purchase one of his rotisserie products and it has never failed me. As they said, the food really does end up moist and tasty.

Another celebrity is George Foreman and his products that “Get rid of the fat.” I was also convinced to buy his Foreman grill which is great in making hamburgers, cooking bacon and sandwiches, and as a plus, it was also easy to clean off. Every year I await his new product line which always comes off as amazing.

The lure of infomercials

As you can see, infomercials are really effective on me as I end up buying a lot of their products. Come to think of it, some of them are actually absurd gadgets that we do not actually need and end up just gaining dust inside our drawers. But since people keep buying them, infomercials are still alive and kicking.

What’s next for infomercials?

The television is definitely one of the go-to platforms for advertising products. But with the dawn of the digital age, the Internet has also become another strong contender for product advertisements. With the convenience of the World Wide Web, it has also become easier for people to purchase the products. At the end of infomercials these days you can hear the phrase, find out more about it online, or people can just use search engines and search more about the product themselves.

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