starting a businessStarting a business is an issue many people try to dissect and resolve. It comes with a lot of questions and considerations: how do you choose what kind of business to start, how can you make it manageable. But the most common question people ask when it comes to starting a business is, “How can you start an online business with no money?” Many people look at the prospect of being successful by starting their business, without really taking the time to consider what they have to do. If you want to be smart about how you’re going to start a business, then you should also think about this question.

When people ask me how to start an online or home based business without spending a single cent, it’s like asking me how to succeed with unlikely good luck. I ask them in turn, “How can a farmer expect to harvest a crop if he doesn’t buy the seed?” This is a very powerful and true analogy when it comes to starting a business. To reap the rewards, you have to sow something first. Though let’s be clear here — you don’t have to go all the way up to taking a second loan on your home to get some capital. But in starting one, you do have to invest something.

Get Started with Starting a Business

I’m going to keep using the farmer’s analogy. When a farmer wants to plant a cash crop and earn from what he cultivates, he has to do a lot of planning first. There has to be research into what plants would give the most return out of the money you invest, which crops would grow best under the specific conditions, and how much is within the budget anyway.

It’s the same thing when it comes to starting a business. Research isn’t exclusive to farmers. You have to do a lot of planning when you’re looking at starting one. You should research on what kind of business you want to have, whether it’s offline or online. Is it something that’s profitable in your environment? Do you have enough to invest for that kind of business? All of these things have to be carefully thought out when you’re starting a business.

Being Prepared

A farmer has to prepare and layout the groundwork for his future cash crop. He has to till the ground until it’s in the right conditions to carry the plants. It’s no different in starting a business.

Preparation is a critical stage in business too. After planning how to start a business, you have to prepare for it.

Investing in Your Business

Here is the honest truth: to get started, you have to invest. The farmer has to buy the seeds —otherwise, how would he even begin planting?

You also have to invest. Starting a business means needing money and resources for materials and labor.

Cultivate and Grow

A plant won’t grow just because you put it on the soil. You have to cultivate it; work and fertilize the soil to keep it loose, and water your plants until you get the desired crop. Only then can you harvest the fruits of your business.

Starting a business can be a daunting task. But all you have to do is to treat it as a farmer treats his crops. Plan out your vision, and be prepared. Most importantly, invest in your business and make sure that investment doesn’t go to waste.

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