reverse funnel systemReverse funnel system was named as such because literally, the organization structure looks like a funnel, that triangular tube used for small openings, upside down.

The Reverse funnel system defined

Also called RFS, it is an internet marketing system patterned after multi-level marketing or a pyramiding scheme, founded by Don Glanville under the character named Ty Coughlin. The reverse funnel system latches heavily on various schemes of internet marketing in order to generate keyword and relevant-driven sites in order to acquire sales. What happens here is that it leads internet users to sites, in order to be linked to Global Resorts Network, which is a company that employs vacation timeshares. Each time a sale happens, the reverse funnel system generates a huge commission, many times amounting to around a thousand dollars, to the partner that led the prospect to the website.

It hopes to increase website traffic. This is the only kind of traffic jam or high traffic that you would want to be in.

What a day in the Reverse funnel system looks like

  • A day in the life of the reverse funnel system denotes a life that is ten thousand dollars richer.
  • A day in the life of it may indicate back aches due to countless number of hours slouched in front of a computer, and possible migraines and poorer eyesight due to long hours of staring at the computer monitor, as you painstakingly monitor the activities.
  • A day in the life of the reverse funnel system actually depends on how apt you are in navigating the World Wide Web, and on how coordinated your team is and your relationship with them. A team that is open, friends with each other, is deemed to be more successful.
  • A day in the reverse funnel system is what you may be looking for, for your own good and for your family’s sake. The possibilities in this system are endless. Think about how much money you can make. Based on my own experience, I have earned twenty thousand dollars just during the first month. My upline made fifty thousand dollars just in his second month in the system. Also thanks to the one thousand dollar commission off each of the sales I brought in to him.

That is basically how the reverse funnel system works. You have to work hard and motivate those in your downline to work as hard as you. If you work for the Global Resorts Network, you and your upline each gets a thousand dollars worth of commission. When it is your turn to be the upline, your workers get a thousand dollars worth of commission as well. That’s like getting free thousand dollars every time you teach and motivate those people working for you.

Now go and get on the traffic zone and live each and every day in the reverse funnel system.

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