promoting your servicesPromoting your services is hard when you do not know the right thing to say. You probably tell your clients about your services and how they work. This keeps the client interested only at the onset. But in most cases, clients lose their interest and you do not close your sale. Why is it that the techniques used in promoting products usually do not work in promoting services?

The Difference between Promoting Your Products and Promoting Your Services

Promoting services is different from promoting products. Promoting products are usually easier than promoting your services because the features of products show results quickly. The results are also more concrete and tangible. You will most likely sell a product when you tell the client all the features and how the product will benefit their lives.

On the other hand, promoting your services is harder because the results are insubstantial and harder to quantify. It is harder to see the difference because of the difficulty of measuring the results. Services are usually considered a “luxury”. Most clients are interested at first with the potential benefits of availing of your service. But eventually, they end up thinking that they can live without these services. They will then spend for items that are easily and instantly beneficial to them. It is a common problem that you will have difficulty finding people to help you in promoting your services. Most sales trainers train for products and would be hesitant to be trained in promoting services.

The Things You Need to Do in Promoting your Services

As a service provider, you need to be able to explain the benefits and results of your service. Most people so not care about the processes and the techniques that you use. You do not need to list down the features of your services. You probably talk about features when promoting your services. Features describe how you get to a desired result. That is not what the clients would want to know. Tell them about the results and how these will be beneficial to them. Those are the things they can instantly see and measure.

In promoting your services, you must list down all the benefits that your client will enjoy after getting your services. If seen in concrete terms, you will get a sale of the client sees that his/her life will be better after they avail of your services.

Different kinds of services like life coaching, alternative healing, professional organizing, business plan consulting and many others deal with intangible aspects of life. Most people, especially those who are stringent with their expenses usually shy away from these services because they think they can do away without them. What techniques can you use in promoting your services?  First of all, like what was discussed earlier, results are the key. Tell the clients, with confidence, of the results that they will get. The old sales techniques you are using in promoting services are outdated. Describing clear results is essential in promoting your services. Get to the point. Do not tell them about the latest techniques and processes you are using. You will probably hold their interest for a certain amount of time. But after a lot of deliberation, they will probably just decide against availing of your services.

In promoting your services, you must be able to translate into concrete and easily understandable words, the benefits of your good work. Ask your clients questions to find out if they are going to need your services. Do not waste your time promoting your services to people who do not need them.

It is also good to tell the clients that they will save time. Part of promoting is making your client realize that they will be less frustrated if they avail of your service. Make them see the amount of time they can save and use for other things.

Confidence is also necessary in promoting your services. Tell the client confidently that you can provide results that they need. Confidence can also make the client see that you can deliver these results to them.

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