brand managementBrand management has always been one of the pillars of successful business administration. Traditionally, it has been a responsibility solely of a company’s marketing team. With the advent of the internet and instant information, however, brand management has evolved into something broader. This has given way to the rising demand for public relations professionals. Those who can transform a company’s brand into something positive and remarkable.

Take a look at a traditional dictionary. A brand is simply defined as a name, symbol, or sign used to represent a company. In addition, a brand identifies a specific product or service from a company. It distinguishes it from similar products from the competition. But if you look around you, a brand does not only represent the things mentioned above. It now includes the collective perception about the company in the minds of consumers. This further solidifies the significance of brand management in the success of a business.

The dynamics of brand management

Now, we have established that a brand is more than just a company logo. But what are the other things that constitute a brand?

Aside from paid advertisements and articles in the media, any associations made with the company are also included in its brand. Overall, it is the persona of the organization. Because it’s such a huge part of a company’s reputation, public relations professionals must always be vigilant about brand management. It is not enough to simply publicize press releases anymore. Every single thing that a company does and the people belonging to the company will say more about a brand more than a single article ever will.

Brand management according to Google

Let’s look at Google, one of the most successful and popular companies today. It’s safe to say that the folks at Google know brand management and how to do it well. Its search engine is so popular that its name has become synonymous with online searches.

But before they became one of the most trusted companies of today, the team at Google had to combat old issues about the reliability and quality of its search results. Since most search engine companies sell advertising space, many have accused them of manipulating search results for money.

To disprove this accusation, Google’s brand management team has given emphasis to the clear division between the search engine results and advertising space. Now, the layout of having the results on the left and ads on the right has already been customary. Almost all Google users can agree that the ads displayed are not intrusive at all. Also, the company has successfully established its credible reputation. Due to brand management that’s done right, few people nowadays would even question the intelligence of Google’s product.

How to do proper brand management

Effectively communicating a company’s brand to the media relies heavily on proper brand managing. If this is not done satisfactorily, analysis must be done to determine what adjustments are necessary.

This analysis may include tracking taglines, keywords, or messages in the media and internet. By doing this, a company’s brand management team can track how well its intended message is being communicated. Just like how favorable words and phrases must be used often in order to increase associations. A company can also decide to avoid using certain words that may breed confusion and miscommunication.

Brand management is not all about measuring the favorable reception a company gets in the media. Press releases can also be measured against other indicators like sales, client return rates, and stock worth. This provides a more tangible, quantitative basis by which the effectiveness of your brand management practices can be compared.

Brand managing is just as important as the quality of products and services that you offer. After all, it would be such a waste if you don’t even get the opportunity to prove your worth just because potential customers aren’t aware of your company (and how great it is!). Needless to say, it’s crucial to create an excellent team of PR professionals for the best brand management possible for your company.

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