ghostwritingGhostwriting is a source of profit for many people. I am proudly one of them. Let me share you my story.

I was once an artist. My chosen medium was pen on paper. I always loved to draw since I was a kid. I was really good at it.

Things have changed when I got physically disabled. It became an absolute burden to hold a pen. I diverted my talents to the keyboard instead. I found it easier to work with my fingers. Ghostwriting became my newfound passion. Apart from being a writer, I am also an editor from time to time.

It has kept me busy for the past two decades. It is an art form because it involves a lot of creativity. I don’t feel bad that I didn’t end up as an artist.

Ghostwriting and the challenge of writing about different topics

After the big shift, I soon accepted commissions. It is fascinating to note how diverse ghostwriting is. I received different kinds of assignments. One of my favorites was when I encountered someone who wanted to write a biography. What was interesting about him was that he was a transgender. He changed from being a female to male. He is now happily married. He also has two children. The children are not his own. As of present time, the procedure does not allow procreation. Ghostwriting introduced me to such a sensitive issue.

I also remember when someone asked me to write about children’s fantasy books. The particular assignment on beauty how-to was unforgettable as well. At some point, someone also asked me to write about how Nazis were recruited. That was really an interesting ghostwriting experience. The limit is endless topics.

The variety of output in ghostwriting

There are many outputs. The most popular form is a book. There is no guarantee in making it a best seller. However, the ghostwriter tries to put the best work possible every time.

On working with authors

I personally enjoy working with young authors. I am very keen on supporting the up-and-coming. Their works don’t sell as much compared to the older ones. Even if that’s the case, I favor them. It is my belief that newbies have more important stories to share.

Making money out of ghostwriting

For new authors, my average fee for ghostwriting is $3000.  There are times when I receive potentially lucrative assignments. In such cases, I charge a percentage of the book sales over time. Usually, these are coffee table books. These are hardbound books with colorful glossy pictures on them. They perform great on the market. However, to be honest, I think these books fall short on content. It lacks meaning and purpose.

Ghostwriting introduced me to differentiate what’s good and bad in literature. I prefer to write about things that matter. I would take assignments like these a thousand times over rather than the shallow ones that pay more.

Misconception about ghostwriting

One of the greatest misconceptions about it is that it is solely about money. This is not entirely the case. There are many works that are published because of brilliant content. It is not limited to, and defined, by selling.

Final thoughts on ghostwriting

The most special aspect is helping authors, especially the first timers. I get to be a part of publishing promising books. Ghostwriting is not simply getting work done for someone. It is also about making the author feel that he or she is producing something worthy. These kinds of books are valuable over time. They can be used as educational materials.

Certainly, ghostwriting has a lot of potentials.

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