telemarketingTelemarketing builds avenues for marketers to pull in fruitful leads. It gives you the opportunity to connect directly to gatekeepers and stakeholders. When you are marketing via phone, you cover fences around your target. You guard them subtlety, trying to establish an aura of familiarity and kinship through endless phone calls.

Telemarketing is an art that needs hard work. There are many things to consider. Once you made a mistake in the way you speak and relay information, it is extra difficult to take it back. There is no backspace to correct and erase the marks of your errors.   If you are to give a good and lasting impression, then might as well do it perfectly.

Best Telemarketing Practices

To accompany you with your telemarketing endeavors, here are some tips that are proven to be effective.

1.       Record every phone call.

Take note of every detail you have talked over the phone with your target. Write down names, titles, concepts, and ideas you have gathered. Jot down names of possible prospects and their contact details. Record the time when you made the call and the schedule of the time you’d call back.

2.       Establish a database or spreadsheet for records.

You cannot organize every record by hand alone. Use database and spreadsheets that are stable for data recordings. You can try Excel spreadsheets or a legitimate Customer Relationship Management 9CRM) tool. You can always search the web for alternative data recorders. If you want, you can also create your own database through Microsoft Access. A simple database is enough at the start of your business career.

3.       Call back as you have promised.

When you said you would call back, your target automatically expects it. Do not let them down by not being able to comply with your scheduled date.  Failure in your commitment also entails the depletion of your credibility and good reputation. Remember also that your target might have a tight schedule and that is the only time he could accommodate you. The moment you failed to call, you already lost your chance.

TIP FOR COPYWRITERS: If you are an advertising or a website copywriter, always make sure to speak with the marketing manager. If the person behind the phone said they do not have a marketing manager, look for the person in-charge of their advertising and website promotions. Usually, the person responsible in the advertising is also one of the business owners.

4.       Be friends with the gatekeepers.

Receptionists and personal assistants serve as the gatekeepers. Befriend them and build a relationship that enables you to penetrate their bosses easily. The moment you need their influence, they would be more than willing to hear your requests.

5.       Keep everything short, direct, yet friendly.

When talking to the key persons, telemarketing requires you to always speak with grace. Keep your statements simple in order for them not to be confused. Answer their queries directly. Make them feel that you are always there for them. Do not forget to get their names and contact details. Follow up if they have any urgent need of your product or service.

6.       Do not pressure your target.

Pressure should not be the leading atmosphere during a phone call. That is not how telemarketing works. Do not make it hard for them get off the phone because you still have something persuasive to say. Just tell them the nature of your work, your product, and other vital information. Tell them you will send them a portfolio of your sample product with testimonials, and then leave them alone to evaluate.

7.       Send an email as a form of follow up.

Telemarketing does not end the moment you drop the call. As your target allows, you need to send them a follow up email immediately. Put a specific subject line as you send it.

If you are a copywriter, better use “advertising copywriting” or “website copywriting” as the subject. This is important so your target would not put you in spam or block you. Keep the email short and sweet. Add only the vital information they need to know. You can include your portfolio, brochure, or links directing to your site. Tell them you will follow them up again soon.

8.       Make a follow up call.

This works if your target is promising and truly interested with your offers. Otherwise, do not attempt to call them immediately. As you call, do not forget to indicate the day and time of your first call. Remind them that you sent an email. Give a short summary of what you do and the purpose of your call. Tell them you are only checking if they have received the email.

9.       Do not expect of a blooming phone calls.

Telemarketing is not a simple cold-calling. There are times that phone calls are rare. Therefore, make sure to have time for telephone tagging. Have a quota to reach in order for your strategies to work efficiently.

10.   Do not leave a message.

Do not oblige your target to return the phone call you made. Accept that you are not on their priority list so do not expect them to respond via leaved messages. Moreover, it makes you sound too desperate and eager to gain their attention. Stop it because it might creep them out.

11.   Do not expect to get a lot in a day.

A day can be very stagnant and unfruitful. Do not be too disappointed if you only have a couple of great leads in a day. Check if there is still something to improve so that the next time you make a phone call, you would immediately catch your target.

12.   Be patient.

Do not lose hope just because the way seems too dull. In telemarketing, most phone calls take time to be fruitful. Just stand on your ground and hope for greater leads to come.

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