team building activitiesTeam building activities can help improve your business environment. A team that learns how to work together is a productive, effective and successful one. Lead your company to success with these activities.

Importance of team building activities

Working together harmoniously as a team has many benefits. Here are some of the advantages of having these activities once in a while.

  • Team building activities improve communication among members.

Workshops and other office activities require everyone to participate by communicating with each other. How can one win a game if not by communication? Hence, they improve communication within a group and result to a better quality of work.

  • Team building activities keep employees motivated.

With team activities, employees learn how to express their opinions and ideas about the company. The managers, on the other hand, learn how to respond to the needs of a more confident team. Thus, keeping everyone motivated to work together towards one goal.

  • Team building activities promote creativity in the workplace.

They are no ordinary icebreakers. Often, they are used for specific purposes. Hence, activities which encourage employees to think on their feet and develop an idea or a thing encourage creativity in the office.

  • Team building activities break the barrier between management and employees.

Office activities demand interaction. By communicating with each other, trust is established and breaks down the barrier between bosses and subordinates.

Types of team building activities

So, what activities can you do in the office? There are different kinds of team building activities.

Individual activities are activities done separately or independently of each other yet each affect the team as a whole. For example, the game 2 Truths and a lie. Here, each person will state 2 truths and 1 lie about himself and the group has to guess which one is the lie. It is done individually yet the whole team is involved in the game.

Team building in small teams offer a more interactive activity for the office. Here, the goal is to unify the drive of separate individuals toward the same goal. Often, this kind of activity involves 2 to 12 participants. An example of team building activities for small teams is the perfect square game. Here, each person in the group is blind-folded and holds a point in a long strand of yarn or any string. The goal is to make a perfect square within a specific period of time.

Another type of team building activity involves team islands. It is called team islands because the activity involves different groups which may have barriers both within and outside. An example of activity for team islands is the barter puzzle. Here, each group will be given puzzle pieces, both for their puzzle and for the puzzle of other groups. The goal is to be able to convince other groups to barter or trade for the pieces. The first group to finish the puzzle wins.

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