successful article marketingSuccessful article marketing involves more than just being able to produce high quality content and spreading it all over the internet. I also made the same mistake years ago. Once I was able to submit to article directories and, I just wait for them to provide updates on how many views my article has received for the month. Little did I know that successful article marketing also requires for you to track if your article has also been reprinted elsewhere.

Successful article marketing means don’t rely too much on the system

Most people tend to make a quick search of their articles in Google to check which of the listings include your article and which ones are just web pages that contain content that are similar to yours. This is not the best way to achieve successful article marketing. There are other ways to track your article.  Over the years we have developed other strategies towards successful marketing. This can be used regardless if you own the article or you have written it for your clients.

Successful article marketing doesn’t mean you need to produce new articles every time.

Are you having a hard time looking for new content to share? The old articles you have written in the past can still be used again in order to perform successful article marketing. You can still have them distributed in article directories that you have not used in the past. You can also have them published in web pages that contains links to your biography. You can also add in a new twist by dividing the article into parts and repost them in your web page. Successful article marketing doesn’t mean new and fresh content, all you need is a new perspective.

Track if you have achieved successful article marketing with the use of serial numbers

If you have a large collection of articles that you need to monitor every now and then, assigning a tracking number or serial number to serve as reference points will help you achieve successful marketing. You can insert this in the body of your article or your writer profile. Always check first if the serial number you are assigning does not produce any hits. If you are able to make a unique identifier then you can readily get successful article marketing that are guaranteed to be due to your own work.

Don’t be afraid to try new things to achieve success

Repurposing old articles and using unique number identifiers are just some of the ways you can conduct successful article marketing. With these techniques you will be able to monitor which topics are widely distributed in the internet, which sites have already reprinted your work and which distribution technique is most effective. Don’t be afraid to try different approaches, you’ll never know which one may work best for you.

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