success in ebaySuccess in eBay is not something that you achieve overnight. If you check out the Internet, you see plenty of people who want to make lots of money online while working from home and doing only a few hours of work per week. However, it is a sad reality that get rich quick schemes do not work and won’t give you the success that you need.

So, if you want to be successful online, do not rely on get rich quick scams. Instead, check out reliable online opportunities like selling in eBay. Read the tips below to make sure that you’ll be reaping success in eBay in a few months to come.

Success in eBay: Starting a Business

For some people, selling in eBay started because they simply want to clear out items that they no longer use at home. Whether this is your goal or you want to really sell on eBay professionally, here are important things that you have to consider to the success in eBay dream come true:

  1. Success requires research. Know what you want to sell, check out if you have space to store the items that you’ll be selling, and consider wrapping, shipping, and after sales service. Do you want to start small or are you going to go big? Who are your competitions? What are they selling? There are many things to consider really and these are just a few of them.
  2. Set up your User ID. To make sure that you will reap success in eBay, your username will play an important part. Some people use names that reflect what they sell. Others use catchy names for easier recall. Again, research is the first key to building success. Don’t forget to do your research.
  3. Create and build up your feedback. Yes, even before you start selling and reaping success in eBay, you should have at least 25 positive feedback. Success is dependent on your reputation as a seller and no one will virtually bid on your products if you have zero feedback. To start with, buy a number of small things first to give you an idea of how other sellers are doing. Then, list a small number of cheaper items for sale to start gaining feedback as a seller.
  4. Get suppliers and fill up your stocks. If you’re selling plenty of items, buy wholesale stock so you can sell the items at a cheaper price compared to your competition. Also, to gain success in eBay, have stocks that are readily available in case plenty of orders will come in. If you don’t have stocks that are readily available, indicate that those are pre-ordered items. Buyers should be aware that the will have to wait for a few more days to get what they bought. Lastly, make sure that they are good quality items.
  5. Create a listing that stands out. Success in eBay depends also on how you list your items for sale. Have a clear photo of what you’re selling and write a detailed description about it. You are allowed to put up to 12 photos per listing so maximize it. Don’t forget to put the price and the shipping costs. Online shoppers want as much details as possible and it’s very convenient for them if they find everything that they need easily. It makes their eBay shopping experience convenient.


These are only a few tips to help you work your way to success in eBay. Success takes time. You have to build your reputation and you need to have good quality items for sale. However, if you are patient, if you start right, and you do not rely on get rich quick schemes, you will soon realize that success in eBay is achievable. It only takes a matter of time and lots of patience.

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