newsletter publishingNewsletter publishing is considered as one of the most exhaustive publication processes. And why not? The pressure to include informative yet interesting content within a limited number of words. The deadlines pounding at your door. Who will not be rattled? In order to survive in doing publishing, you must follow a strict plan.

I will share with you the lessons I have learned while doing my numerous newsletter publication works.

Effective newsletter publishing 101

Here are the steps I follow. They have helped me in my newsletter publishing.

  • Focus on the important things.

Keeping focus in all things you do is important. But, this process is significantly important when doing newsletter publication considering the many elements that can be of distraction to you. With this, you need to prioritize the elements that you want to include. When I was doing newsletter publishing, I always start with its content before its design.

  • Do not procrastinate.

Procrastination is the number one enemy when doing newsletter publication. I always got the feeling of setting aside newsletter publication for other things. The secret to overcoming this newsletter publishing problem is simply to start doing it. There is no other way to start something. The only way is to actually do it. Who knows, newsletter publication ideas will start pouring in. And before you know it, you have finished your work.

  • Avoid any distraction.

Of course, the above newsletter publishing techniques do not promise a smooth flow of ideas. So, you need to stay focus. Avoid anything that might distract your flow of thoughts. Avoid television, books, or electronic gadgets. Are you experiencing writer’s block? Take a rest for a minute or so. Then continue writing. It is important to never do other things unless you have finished writing. Even your draft. If you fall in the trap, it is surely difficult to bounce back.

  • Patience and persistence.

The above newsletter publishing techniques will not materialize unless you have the will to do so. Patience and persistence will be the most important elements.

Patience pertains to your attitude. Since not every idea will come to you in a silver platter, you must learn to write. Write and write even if it seems you are going nowhere. You will eventually find gold within that seemingly futile writings. Patience does not also pertain to writing. Rather, it includes constantly reading and studying information. Of course, how would you write something that you have no idea about?

Meanwhile, persistence refers to finding your own style in creating newsletters. This may also refers to constantly evolving and improving yourself. Whether it be on the way you write or the content you include.

I hope that the above techniques I shared will help you as you do your newsletter publishing.

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