start writingStart writing an article, no matter how professional you are. The most difficult part of an article is the manner you start. Just like during a trip, the hardest part would be getting yourself to do it. But you don’t have to worry because once you have started, the rest just follows. The same principle applies to article writing. Just like everybody else, the first sentence of your article changes until you find an appropriate one that becomes permanent. But once you start writing your first sentence, the rest of the sentences will just flow.

As you start, you have to bear in mind its purpose. You could either start with a question, a quotation, or an anecdote. You could also just go straight to your point. There is no exact form or way to start, you just have to stick to your purpose.

Start Writing an Article by Knowing the Purpose

What is your purpose of writing this article? You have to keep in mind that you have to stick to your purpose from the moment you start writing until the end. Whether you want to entertain your audience, or persuade, or you just want to relay information, the beginning of your article is the most important. You have to know how to engage and bond with your readers.

Start writing your article with a famous quotation if you want to inspire your audience. A funny anecdote is perfect if you wish to entertain the readers. And if your purpose is to inform, then you should start by going straight to the point.

Here is an example if you want to persuade your audience to buy a certain product of yours. As previously stated, you may start writing your article with a question. For a more concrete example, let’s say you are selling a water bed, start your article with a question like this, “Don’t you hate waking up in the middle of the night because of a lumpy mattress?” or like this “Do you remember the last time you got a good night sleep?”. This is a great way to start writing because you create a bond and an interaction between you are your readers. You create a relationship especially if they answer with a “yes” therefore letting him relate and gain interest with your product.

Your First Line

Aside from a question, you can also start writing with something else like a quote or anecdote. Maybe start with an experience when your friend didn’t want to buy your product at first but ended up being persuaded to do so. Make sure it has a punch line that is funny or unexpected. As you start writing the anecdote, keep in mind your purpose and make it funny at the end. For example, end your anecdote by your friend saying he went barging in your office mad and glaring at you. When you asked what the problem was, he told you, “Your bed brought me trouble at work”, and when you ask why he answered, “It was too comfortable so I woke up late and came in late for work.” The article will provide readers of how comfortable your product is and be entertaining, as well.

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